TANABE Tatsuo (Japan)Japanese name(s): 田辺辰雄
6 tournaments
34 results
Rated 951 in Japan and 1153 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1531 in the World
Latest rating: 876
2017-08-20: 32_Sea_of_Japan_open(Japan)
KANDA Yoshihiro58-06TANABE Tatsuo
TANABE Tatsuo36-28HAYASHI Ooki
OSHIMIZU Takanori51-13TANABE Tatsuo
SUGIYAMA Akira47-17TANABE Tatsuo
AOKI Ryousuke35-29TANABE Tatsuo
ETO Riichi52-12TANABE Tatsuo
2017-04-09: 72_Niigata_conf(Japan)
KOBAYASHI Manabu47-17TANABE Tatsuo
UMEZAWA Shiho52-12TANABE Tatsuo
TANABE Tatsuo61-03OGAWA Taiichi
TANABE Tatsuo52-12UDA Azusa
NAGAO Hiroto60-04TANABE Tatsuo
2017-02-19: 31_Sea_of_Japan_open(Japan)
SATO Hisakazu53-11TANABE Tatsuo
TANABE Tatsuo49-15TAKAHASHI Kakeru
TANABE Tomoki37-27TANABE Tatsuo
ETO Riichi33-31TANABE Tatsuo
UMEZAWA Shiho35-29TANABE Tatsuo
TANABE Tatsuo58-06UDA Azusa
2016-06-19: 44_All_Japan_Niigata_prelim(Japan)
AIHARA Shigeaki50-14TANABE Tatsuo
ETO Riichi47-17TANABE Tatsuo
IWASAKA Ryuji52-12TANABE Tatsuo
TANABE Tomoki48-16TANABE Tatsuo
UMEZAWA Shiho55-09TANABE Tatsuo
2014-12-14: 67_Niigata_conference(Japan)
OSHIMA Aika50-14TANABE Tatsuo
GOTO Masahiro46-18TANABE Tatsuo
TANABE Tatsuo53-11OSHIMA Rino
OBARA Hiroto48-16TANABE Tatsuo
TANABE Tatsuo43-21TOYOOKA Chieko
2014-08-24: 26_Sea_of_Japan_open(Japan)
OBARA Hiroto47-17TANABE Tatsuo
TANABE Tatsuo46-18MIZOGUCHI Hiranaga
TANABE Tomoki58-06TANABE Tatsuo
MAHO Makoto60-04TANABE Tatsuo
UMEZAWA Riho36-28TANABE Tatsuo
IWASAKA Ryuji43-21TANABE Tatsuo