UI Naomichi (Japan)

16 tournaments
84 results
Player ID: 13596
Rated 443 in Japan and T494 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T588 in the World
Latest rating: 1865
2019-03-10: 3_Tsuchiura_B_open(Japan)
UI Naomichi64-00TSUKAMOTO Takashi
UI Naomichi33-31KIKUCHI Yuya
UI Naomichi37-27TSUSAKI Yuuko
UI Naomichi50-14YUUKI Naoto
UI Shoudou64-00UI Naomichi
2018-11-18: 30_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
UI Naomichi46-18TAKAHASHI Akinari
UI Naomichi43-21TORIU Yuuki
INOUE Toshihiro38-26UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi49-15UI Shoudou
UI Naomichi47-17KASUTA Hitoshi
UI Naomichi58-06OTANI Akimoto
2018-09-23: 28_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
TAKAHASHI Akinari64-00UI Naomichi
2018-08-12: 27_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
UI Naomichi37-27MORIKAWA Haruhito
NARA Yumiko39-25UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi41-23TAKAHASHI Akinari
UI Naomichi40-24TORIU Yuuki
NARA Yumiko36-28UI Naomichi
2018-05-27: 24_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
UI Naomichi46-18SEKINE Taku
UI Naomichi42-22TSUSAKI Shouta
UI Naomichi41-23NARA Yumiko
UI Naomichi43-21TSUKAMOTO Takashi
UI Naomichi34-30UI Shoudou
NARA Yumiko49-15UI Naomichi
2018-02-25: 21_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
UI Naomichi35-29UI Shoudou
UI Naomichi49-15TSUSAKI Ken
SUZUKI Ryouta32-32UI Naomichi
TSUSAKI Shouta42-22UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi32-32MORIKAWA Haruhito
SUZUKI Fujio33-31UI Naomichi
2018-01-28: 20_tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
UI Shoudou34-30UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi35-29FUJITA Hikitomo
UI Naomichi54-10FUJITA Kazuki
UI Naomichi39-25NAKAYAMA Kyousuke
UI Naomichi43-21TAKAHASHI Akinari
UI Naomichi35-29NARA Yumiko
2017-11-18: 65_Mito_Jishi_games(Japan)
UI Naomichi52-12UI Shoudou
UI Naomichi40-24SUZUKI Ryouta
IZUMI Takashi40-24UI Naomichi
DOBASHI Yusuke50-14UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi38-26TSUSAKI Shouta
2017-11-12: 19_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
UI Naomichi33-31NAKAYAMA Kyousuke
TSUSAKI Shouta39-25UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi55-09SUZUKI Takamasa
UI Naomichi34-30HAYASHI Keita
UI Shoudou34-30UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi54-10SUZUKI Ryouta
2017-10-15: 109_Mito_meeting(Japan)
NAKAMURA Kazuki57-07UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi42-22SUZUKI Fujio
OHUCHI Takeshi37-27UI Naomichi
MATSUSHITA Junichi64-00UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi42-22ARAKI Ryo
UI Naomichi58-06TSUSAKI Shouta
2017-09-10: 17_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
UI Naomichi47-17ONUMA Takashi
UI Naomichi39-25KAWAGUCHI Akira
UI Naomichi57-07HIRATA Masakatsu
HAYASHI Keita43-21UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi35-29OHTSUBO Kai
UI Naomichi37-27HIRATA Shintarou
2017-08-13: 16_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
HAYASHI Keita41-23UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi44-20TSUSAKI Ken
YAMANAKA Masayuki40-24UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi38-26SEKINE Taku
UI Naomichi55-09FUKAYA Maiko
NARA Yumiko36-28UI Naomichi
2017-07-29: 15_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
TANAKA Junji52-12UI Naomichi
TSUSAKI Shouta43-21UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi36-28SUZUKI Ryouta
UI Naomichi41-23AOKI Nanami
MONMA Naoto38-26UI Naomichi
2017-07-01: 62_Mito_Jishi_games(Japan)
ARAKI Yu52-12UI Naomichi
ARAKI Ryo53-11UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi62-02ITO Koshiro
UI Naomichi64-00MATSUSHITA Ao
IZUMI Takashi47-17UI Naomichi
2017-06-25: 14_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
NARA Yumiko37-27UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi33-31TSUKAMOTO Takashi
UI Naomichi53-11SUZUKI Fujio
ARAKI Yu54-10UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi34-30MATSUMOTO Akana
WATANABE Hitoshi41-23UI Naomichi
2015-11-15: 37_Nagareyama_B(Japan)
YUUKI Kokujin64-00UI Naomichi
UI Naomichi50-14IIDA Kousuke
OKUNO Masanobu38-26UI Naomichi
YOSHIDA Yukiko62-02UI Naomichi