TAKANO Kunihiko (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 高野邦彦
4 tournaments
20 results
Player ID: 13650
Rated T716 in Japan and T851 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1071 in the World
Latest rating: 1549
2017-05-28: 38_Niigata_challenge_cup(Japan)
TAKANO Kunihiko44-20HASEGAWA Shunsuke
TAKANO Kunihiko44-20IWASAKA Ryuji
SAWADA Atsushi34-30TAKANO Kunihiko
OBARA Hiroto48-16TAKANO Kunihiko
TAKANO Kunihiko38-26IMADA Shin
2016-11-20: 37_Niigata_challenge_cup(Japan)
TAKANO Kunihiko46-18KOBAYASHI Kano
TAKANO Kunihiko38-26ETO Riichi
UMEZAWA Shiho58-06TAKANO Kunihiko
TAKANO Kunihiko59-05WATANABE Yasuo
HANAZATO Michio51-13TAKANO Kunihiko
2016-05-22: 36_Niigata_challenge_cup(Japan)
TAKANO Kunihiko54-10OBARA Hiroaki
INUBUSHI Kouki44-20TAKANO Kunihiko
TAKANO Kunihiko52-12KOBAYASHI Kano
TAKANO Kunihiko32-32UMEZAWA Shiho
TAKANO Kunihiko37-27YAMADA Hiroto
2015-11-15: 35_Niigata_challenge_cup(Japan)
TAKANO Kunihiko50-14KOBAYASHI Yutsuka
HANAZATO Michio54-10TAKANO Kunihiko
OBARA Hiroto35-29TAKANO Kunihiko
KOBAYASHI Kano35-29TAKANO Kunihiko
TAKANO Kunihiko59-05ISHIGURI Michiko