TAOKI Toshikazu (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 田沖俊和
4 tournaments
19 results
Player ID: 13678
Rated 815 in Japan and 983 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1292 in the World
Latest rating: 1289
2018-11-18: year_forgetting_conference_2018(Japan)
FUJIMOTO Masaki37-27TAOKI Toshikazu
FUJIMOTO Kenta49-15TAOKI Toshikazu
MATSUMOTO Riku46-18TAOKI Toshikazu
TAOKI Toshikazu38-26NAKANISHI Tsugi
TOMIBE Norikiyo61-03TAOKI Toshikazu
2018-11-04: 47_All_Japan_Tokai_prelim(Japan)
FUJIMOTO Masaki49-15TAOKI Toshikazu
TAOKI Toshikazu46-18MAEDA Shikari
ENOMOTO Hiroyuki64-00TAOKI Toshikazu
TAOKI Toshikazu54-10NITTA Miga
ISOBE Mikio37-27TAOKI Toshikazu
FURANSU Ibanderu46-18TAOKI Toshikazu
2017-11-12: year_forgetting_conf_2017(Japan)
TAOKI Toshikazu46-18FUJIMOTO Masaki
TAOKI Toshikazu38-26TAOKI Yuna
TAOKI Toshikazu35-29NAMIKI Aoi
FUJIMOTO Kenta34-30TAOKI Toshikazu
TAOKI Toshikazu53-11SAKAI Towa
2016-01-10: New_Year_conference(Japan)
KAWATA Tetsu49-15TAOKI Toshikazu
OZAKI Yoshito52-12TAOKI Toshikazu
MIZUNO Keigo39-25TAOKI Toshikazu