NAKAMURA Shinichi (Japan)Japanese name(s): 中村慎一
3 tournaments
19 results
Rated T594 in Japan and T709 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T891 in the World
Latest rating: 1568
2018-08-12: 5_Akashi_challenge_cup(Japan)
NAKAMURA Shinichi58-06IWATA Maki
NAKAMURA Shinichi35-29KAWARADA Toshihiko
FUJITA Kouhaku39-25NAKAMURA Shinichi
TAGUCHI Amane44-20NAKAMURA Shinichi
TAGUCHI Shinya33-31NAKAMURA Shinichi
NAKAMURA Shinichi58-06IMAI Hiroki
2016-10-09: 27_Kansai_championship_B(Japan)
NAKAMURA Shinichi49-15OBATA Jitsu
NAKAMURA Shinichi45-19OKUNO Masanobu
NAKAMURA Shinichi60-04HARA Tomokazu
KYO Hitoshi38-26NAKAMURA Shinichi
NAKAMURA Shinichi38-26NAGASHIMA Yoshitaka
OBATA Ryo35-29NAKAMURA Shinichi
MATSUNO Tadayoshi44-20NAKAMURA Shinichi
2016-08-14: 1_Kansai_B(Japan)
NAKAMURA Shinichi36-28WAKITA Kengo
NAKAMURA Shinichi39-25OBATA Ryo
NAKAMURA Shinichi40-24YAMAZAKI Nanae
NAKAMURA Shinichi59-05MATSUNO Tadayoshi
OKUNO Masakazu51-13NAKAMURA Shinichi