YOKOYAMA Tatsuman (Japan)Japanese name(s): 横山竜万
3 tournaments
17 results
Rated T359 in Japan and T424 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T509 in the World
Latest rating: 1867
2018-03-04: 107_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
YOKOYAMA Tatsuman54-10HAGIHARA Mizuki
YOKOYAMA Tatsuman46-18TASHIRO Kouji
YOKOYAMA Tatsuman41-23INOUE Masaru
YOKOYAMA Tatsuman53-11YASUI Takao
KASAI Yoshiyuki49-15YOKOYAMA Tatsuman
YOKOYAMA Tatsuman61-03TAKAHASHI Akinari
2016-06-05: 27_Kawasaki_open(Japan)
OHIKE Yoshinori61-03YOKOYAMA Tatsuman
OHNO Atsuko35-29YOKOYAMA Tatsuman
YOKOYAMA Tatsuman48-16KAJIAWA Mariko
YOKOYAMA Tatsuman35-29NAKAMURA Rintaro
YAMAMOTO Takashi37-27YOKOYAMA Tatsuman
ITAGAKI Kenichi41-23YOKOYAMA Tatsuman
2016-04-03: 12_Yokohama_open(Japan)
NAKAMURA Kazuki56-08YOKOYAMA Tatsuman
OKAMURA Anetsu57-07YOKOYAMA Tatsuman
KOGUN Toshiya51-13YOKOYAMA Tatsuman
IZURA Mitsuya38-26YOKOYAMA Tatsuman
SUZUKI Kenji38-26YOKOYAMA Tatsuman