KANO Yusuke (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 狩野洋介
5 tournaments
25 results
Player ID: 14320
Rated 933 in Japan and 1150 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1547 in the World
Latest rating: 866
2022-08-21: 39_sea_of_Japan_open(Japan)
AIHARA Shigeaki50-14KANO Yusuke
MAHO Makoto55-09KANO Yusuke
KITAJIMA Hideki60-04KANO Yusuke
MIWA Shuya46-18KANO Yusuke
IWASAKA Ryuji47-17KANO Yusuke
2020-02-16: 37_sea_of_Japan_open(Japan)
NAGASAKI Hidekazu42-22KANO Yusuke
NAKAGAWA Azune43-21KANO Yusuke
MURAKAMI Takeshi58-06KANO Yusuke
YOSHIDA Taisaku38-26KANO Yusuke
TSUTSUMI Ari50-14KANO Yusuke
KANO Yusuke34-30NAKAGAWA Yoshitaka
2019-12-08: 77_Niigata_conf(Japan)
NAGAO Hiroto55-09KANO Yusuke
HONMA Junko36-28KANO Yusuke
KANO Yusuke38-26HONMA Tsugumi
YOSHIDA Taisaku47-17KANO Yusuke
KANO Yusuke39-25OHNO Aori
2017-11-26: Tohoku_open_2017(Japan)
TAKAMIYA Emi48-16KANO Yusuke
OSATO Suguru55-09KANO Yusuke
MIURA Wataru54-10KANO Yusuke
KANO Yusuke40-24TAKAGI Kyouichi
KANO Chihiro53-11KANO Yusuke
2017-11-19: 39_Niigata_challenge_cup(Japan)
KOBAYASHI Syunjiro55-09KANO Yusuke
TAKAHASHI Kentaro38-26KANO Yusuke
KANO Yusuke47-17OKAMOTO Sakutaro
KANO Yusuke39-25ETO Riichi