SATO Shinichi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 佐藤伸一
6 tournaments
28 results
Player ID: 14412
Rated T858 in Japan and T1036 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1366 in the World
Latest rating: 1179
2019-09-07: 6_Fukushilma_challenge_cup(Japan)
SATO Shinichi47-17MATSUMOTO Yoshu
SATO Oose44-20SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinobu55-09SATO Shinichi
HACHIMAKI Shigeo50-14SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinichi44-20SATO Shuma
2019-06-22: 5_Fukushima_challenge_cup(Japan)
SATO Shinichi54-10SATO Shuma
HAYASHIZAKI Hiroyuki46-18SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinobu40-24SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinichi34-30SATO Douyuu
2019-03-09: 4_Fukushima_challenge_cup(Japan)
SATO Shinichi48-16IKEDA Sachiko
HAYASHIZAKI Hiroyuki35-29SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinichi47-17MIURA Hinata
SATO Shinichi35-29IWASAKI Shouken
SATO Shinichi53-11SATO Oose
2018-12-15: 3_Fukushima_challenge_cup(Japan)
KUDOU Keita54-10SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinichi48-16ITAGAKI Tokushi
IWASAKI Shouken42-22SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinichi40-24SATO Douyuu
MIURA Hinata39-25SATO Shinichi
2018-09-08: 2_Fukushima_challenge_cup(Japan)
SATO Douyuu34-30SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinichi50-14SATO Shuma
MIURA Hinata40-24SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinichi36-28IWASAKI Shouken
2018-06-30: 1_Fukushima_challenge_cup(Japan)
SUZUKI Karen44-20SATO Shinichi
SATO Shinichi49-15TAKAHASHI Tadahiko
SATO Shinichi35-29GEKKO Taiki
SATO Shinichi35-29IWASAKI Shouken
TAKAHASHI Sumako45-19SATO Shinichi