BABA Koudai (Japan)

4 tournaments
27 results
Player ID: 14624
Rated T152 in Japan and T164 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T176 in the World
Latest rating: 2138
2022-07-02: 18_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
BABA Koudai49-15FUJIWARA Yuki
BABA Koudai35-29SAGAWA Tomoyuki
BABA Koudai49-15KOSAI Satomu
SHIMOMURA Shiki44-20BABA Koudai
SHIBATA Sayaka44-20BABA Koudai
SUGASE Takahiro39-25BABA Koudai
2020-01-05: 16_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
BABA Koudai38-26SATO Hiroki
BABA Koudai43-21TAGUCHI Shinya
BABA Koudai46-18SAGAWA Tomoyuki
BABA Koudai44-20OKAMUKAI Shuuji
BABA Koudai49-15KOSAI Satomu
BABA Koudai37-27SHIBATA Sayaka
BABA Koudai37-27SAITO Hiroki
2019-09-22: 15_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
BABA Koudai35-29YAMANOUCHI Masahumi
BABA Koudai44-20SAGAWA Tomoyuki
BABA Koudai53-11NISHIMURA Akihiro
BABA Koudai37-27IKEHATA Keiko
TAGUCHI Shinyawon againstBABA Koudai
BABA Koudai46-18YAMASHITA Kiko
BABA Koudai42-22KOSHIGAWARA Mitsuki
2018-08-05: 13_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
BABA Koudai44-20HIRANO Tomo
MIYAZAKI Yuji47-17BABA Koudai
YAMAZAKI Midorikawa48-16BABA Koudai
BABA Koudai48-16KYO Hitoshi
SHIMOMURA Shiki48-16BABA Koudai
MIYAZAKI Toru39-25BABA Koudai