ONISHI Masanori (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 大西正教
2 tournaments
12 results
Player ID: 14754
Rated 649 in Japan and 803 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1061 in the World
Latest rating: 1047
2019-05-05: 1_Kyoto_challenge_cup(Japan)
TAZOI Kazuki50-14ONISHI Masanori
ONISHI Masanori57-07TANIGUCHI Shouma
ONISHI Masanori49-15TSUJI Katsuhiko
ONISHI Masanori41-23TANAKA Michiko
SATO Hiroki56-08ONISHI Masanori
SHIMAMOTO Takamitsu47-17ONISHI Masanori
2018-09-22: 8_Hokuetsu_open_B(Japan)
ONISHI Masanori33-31KITSU Yuta
MASUDA Tokuya43-21ONISHI Masanori
ONISHI Masanori54-10MAEDA Haruki
IMAI Chiaki48-16ONISHI Masanori
ONISHI Masanori51-13OBATA Hono
OBATA Jitsu50-14ONISHI Masanori