ANDO Naoya (Japan)Japanese name(s): 安藤直哉
3 tournaments
15 results
Rated 841 in Japan and 991 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1275 in the World
Latest rating: 1227
2019-03-17: 75_Sapporo_open(Japan)
SUGIYAMA Keisuke33-31ANDO Naoya
TAKAHASHI Toshi33-31ANDO Naoya
ANDO Naoya51-13SAHEI Rie
ANDO Shichiumi39-25ANDO Naoya
ANDO Naoya44-20YOSHINO Satone
2019-02-16: 74_Nagareyama_B(Japan)
ANDO Naoya41-23TAKAHASHI Akinari
ANDO Naoya36-28KAZAKI Kanata
TAKAHASHI Toshi33-31ANDO Naoya
ANDO Naoya49-15NAKAJIMA Hajime
FUJII Renya50-14ANDO Naoya
2018-11-24: 72_Nagareyama_B(Japan)
ANDO Naoya34-30NAKAMURA Kazuhiro
NAKAJIMA Hajime43-21ANDO Naoya
ANDO Shichiumi35-29ANDO Naoya
NAGAO Kei35-29ANDO Naoya
ARATANI Yoshio46-18ANDO Naoya