TOOKUNI Masashi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 遠国雅史
3 tournaments
18 results
Player ID: 14857
Rated 982 in Japan and 1210 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1637 in the World
Latest rating: 723
2019-11-17: 81_Sapporo_open(Japan)
YAMADA Yukie57-07TOOKUNI Masashi
AGESHIMA Kousei58-06TOOKUNI Masashi
IKEDA Rintarou38-26TOOKUNI Masashi
TOOKUNI Masashi52-12TOMITO Shintaro
TAMAKI Shingo36-28TOOKUNI Masashi
TOOKUNI Masashi52-12YAMADA Yoshikatsu
2018-12-16: 55_Hokkaido_open(Japan)
IKEDA Rintarou50-14TOOKUNI Masashi
WADA Katsuhiko61-03TOOKUNI Masashi
HOSOKAWA Koujin51-13TOOKUNI Masashi
TOOKUNI Masashi38-26TOMII Kiyomi
TOOKUNI Masashi34-30YAMADA Yoshikatsu
YAMADA Yukie47-17TOOKUNI Masashi
2018-11-18: 73_Sapporo_open(Japan)
MIYASAKA Kiyotaka64-00TOOKUNI Masashi
IKEDA Rintarou46-18TOOKUNI Masashi
YAMADA Yukie47-17TOOKUNI Masashi
TOOKUNI Masashi40-24YAMADA Yoshikatsu
SATO Sachiji41-23TOOKUNI Masashi