MIYOSHI Takafumi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 三好崇文
4 tournaments
27 results
Player ID: 14873
Rated T555 in Japan and T665 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T823 in the World
Latest rating: 1718
2019-08-18: 102_Q_league(Japan)
MIYOSHI Takafumi36-28SUZUKI Kiyo
KURACHI Ayata33-31MIYOSHI Takafumi
MIYOSHI Takafumi39-25SHIMOKAWA Atsuji
MIYOSHI Takafumi44-20NAKANO Shou
MIYOSHI Takafumi40-24KIMURA Junji
MIYOSHI Takafumi34-30HIRASHIMA Naoki
TAMURA Saneaki37-27MIYOSHI Takafumi
2019-05-26: 101_Q_league(Japan)
TAKANAGA Tokio45-19MIYOSHI Takafumi
MIYOSHI Takafumi32-32NAKANO Isamu
MIYOSHI Takafumi64-00NOMOTO Takeru
MIYOSHI Takafumi39-25HIRASHIMA Naoki
MIYOSHI Takafumi44-20NAKANO Shou
MIYOSHI Takafumi35-29TAMURA Saneaki
MIYOSHI Takafumi53-11KURACHI Haruto
2019-02-10: 99_Q_league(Japan)
OHMAE Yoshihiro54-10MIYOSHI Takafumi
HIRASHIMA Naoki44-20MIYOSHI Takafumi
MIYOSHI Takafumi33-31SUNADA Mayumi
YOSHIMURA Orine37-27MIYOSHI Takafumi
HARA Sousuke39-25MIYOSHI Takafumi
NODA Genki35-29MIYOSHI Takafumi
MIYOSHI Takafumi40-24SHIMOKAWA Atsuji
2018-12-23: Kyushu_open_2018(Japan)
MIYOSHI Takafumi44-20UENO Hideki
MIYOSHI Takafumi64-00KINO Kenshirou
SUZUKI Yuuta56-08MIYOSHI Takafumi
ICHIKI Haruki42-22MIYOSHI Takafumi
NAKANO Takanao53-11MIYOSHI Takafumi
MIYOSHI Takafumi64-00HARA Sousuke