OISHI Hiroto (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 大石寛人
2 tournaments
12 results
Player ID: 15193
Rated 666 in Japan and 843 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1126 in the World
Latest rating: 781
  • 2019
2019-07-15: 93_Hamamatsu_meeting(Japan)
KATOKO Koko39-25OISHI Hiroto
YUKA Takaaki43-21OISHI Hiroto
KATOKO Isamu57-07OISHI Hiroto
NOGUCHI Kiyouko36-28OISHI Hiroto
MATSUMOTO Kuichi52-12OISHI Hiroto
HASEGAWA Toshi40-24OISHI Hiroto
2019-06-22: 92_Hamamatsu_meeting(Japan)
OKUTAIRA Akio49-15OISHI Hiroto
HASEGAWA Toshi42-22OISHI Hiroto
OISHI Hiroto39-25FUJIMOTO Kenta
FUJIMOTO Masaki46-18OISHI Hiroto
MIZUNO Keigo35-29OISHI Hiroto
OKUTAIRA Fuyumi41-23OISHI Hiroto