SOUDA Shinnosuke (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 早田慎之介
3 tournaments
19 results
Player ID: 15245
Rated 628 in Japan and 770 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1012 in the World
Latest rating: 1175
  • 2019
2019-11-10: 104_Q_league(Japan)
YOSHIMOTO Miki48-16SOUDA Shinnosuke
SOUDA Shinnosuke45-19NAKAMURA Akira
SOUDA Shinnosuke38-26TANAKA Yasumasa
SOUDA Shinnosuke42-22IWANAGA Takaya
SOUDA Shinnosuke54-10NAKAMURA Akira
2019-09-15: 103_Q_league(Japan)
SOUDA Shinnosuke41-23YAMADA Tomoyuki
SOUDA Shinnosuke48-16SUENOBU Shion
KUWAHARA Yoshiteru33-31SOUDA Shinnosuke
HIRASHIMA Naoki47-17SOUDA Shinnosuke
KAKANOKI Tada44-20SOUDA Shinnosuke
NAKANO Shou44-20SOUDA Shinnosuke
TANAKA Yasumasa45-19SOUDA Shinnosuke
2019-08-18: 102_Q_league(Japan)
KUUKAN Naoki41-23SOUDA Shinnosuke
TANAKA Yasumasa45-19SOUDA Shinnosuke
SOUDA Shinnosuke38-26TORINAGA Kouryuu
SOUDA Shinnosuke40-24SUGIMORI Satoshi
SOUDA Shinnosuke53-11YOSHIMOTO Miki
MORI Hiroto56-08SOUDA Shinnosuke
SOUDA Shinnosuke48-16SHIBATO Yasuhide