YAMANA Takuto (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 山名琢翔
6 tournaments
32 results
Player ID: 15423
Rated 413 in Japan and 499 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 673 in the World
Latest rating: 1582

Takuto Yamana created Egaroucid. Yamana-san is a 22 year old student, who enrolled at the college of engineering systems in Tsukuda, Japan, in 2020. Yamana-san began development of Egaroucid a year after enrollment and started playing the game shortly thereafter, in 2022. WOF Othello News article

"My memorable tournament was Kawagoe Ranking games in 2022-09-25. In this tournament, I have 2 events.
The first game was against Kurahashi 5-dan. He is my friend in university, and he taught me how to play Othello. Though I was defeated, I did my best, and he told me that it was good game.
In the last game, I played next to Murakami 9-dan, a player I respect. I couldn't play against him, and I was defeated at the game, but I was very happy."

Profile photography by Mika Hashimoto for NEUT Magazine

2023-03-12: 99_Nagareyama_B(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Hajime37-27YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto39-25NAITO Osahito
OZAKI Takahaya36-28YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto36-28NAKAMURA Kazuhiro
2023-01-15: 212_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
FUNATSU Asuka46-18YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto47-17HIRASAWA Teruto
AKITADA Shigeki49-15YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto35-29MIYAMOTO Mitsuru
WATANABE Keiichi47-17YAMANA Takuto
AKITADA Yuta43-21YAMANA Takuto
2022-09-25: 267_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
KURAHASHI Satoshi44-20YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto33-31TAJIMA Yoshimitsu
YAMANA Takuto32-32OTANI Akimoto
KURACHI Takayuki42-22YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto50-14CHIBA Ichishige
2022-07-24: 49_Niigata_challenge_cup(Japan)
KUDOU Keita54-10YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto49-15MORIWAKI Mizuki
YAMANA Takuto38-26NAKAGAWA Yuusa
OKUNO Masakazu45-19YAMANA Takuto
OHGA Nao36-28YAMANA Takuto
2022-06-18: 94_Nagareyama_B(Japan)
NARUSE Kousuke48-16YAMANA Takuto
MIYAKE Hayashi48-16YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto48-16NAKAMURA Kazuhiro
CHIBA Ichishige36-28YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto41-23NAKAOKA Itsuki
2022-05-15: 93_Nagayerama_B(Japan)
YAMANA Takuto48-16NAKAMURA Kazuhiro
NAKAOKA Takeshi37-27YAMANA Takuto
YAMANA Takuto64-00NARUSE Kousuke
WATANABE Takuma40-24YAMANA Takuto
NAKAJIMA Hajime33-31YAMANA Takuto