IP Wai Sing (Hong-Kong)

5 tournaments
40 results
Player ID: 170014
Rated 14 in Hong-Kong and 914 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1179 in the World
Latest rating: 1425
2019-07-13: Hong Kong WOC Qualify Tournament(Hong-Kong)
LI Chun Wan37-27IP Wai Sing
LAM Maverick41-23IP Wai Sing
IP Wai Sing24-40YANG Kelvin
WEN Zeshun34-30IP Wai Sing
IP Wai Sing14-50LEE Chun Kui
IP Wai Sing39-25HON Otto
TSOI Chun Yip42-22IP Wai Sing
IP Wai Sing22-42TAN Wai Kuen Johnny
MA Derek40-24IP Wai Sing
IP Wai Sing34-30WONG Chi Wah
CHOW Ka Ming39-25IP Wai Sing
MADRONA Mario56-08IP Wai Sing
IP Wai Sing17-47DONG Zhen
2019-04-14: Hong Kong Othello Open 2019(Hong-Kong)
LEE Chun Wai59-05IP Wai Sing
IP Wai Sing15-49ZENG Yanbo
IP Wai Sing21-43MAK Wai Tung
HUI Chun Kit20-44IP Wai Sing
WONG Ka Ho36-28IP Wai Sing
IP Wai Sing55-09CHAN Pok Hei
CHUNG Lau Kin01-63IP Wai Sing
2018-07-22: Hong Kong Rookie 2018(Hong-Kong)
IP Wai Sing34-30LAU Tsz Kin
WONG Ka Ho23-41IP Wai Sing
IP Wai Sing53-11YUNG Man Hei
HON Otto22-42IP Wai Sing
IP Wai Sing21-43HUI Chun Kit
MA Wing Yin37-27IP Wai Sing
2006-07-17: Hong Kong Championship 2006(Hong-Kong)
CHOW Ka Mingwon againstIP Wai Sing
IP Wai Singwon againstWONG Kwok Ho
WONG Ka Hangwon againstIP Wai Sing
FU Velmawon againstIP Wai Sing
PIHLAJAPURO Katiewon againstIP Wai Sing
IP Wai Singwon againstWONG Tat Ming
LAU Oi Kiwon againstIP Wai Sing
2005-08-14: Hong Kong Championship 2005(Hong-Kong)
CHAN Chi Waiwon againstIP Wai Sing
IP Wai Singwon againstCHEUNG Cheuk Wai
HO SO Mingwon againstIP Wai Sing
IP Wai Singwon againstLEE Ying Tsung
CHAN Tin Shunwon againstIP Wai Sing
IP Wai Singwon againstSHEK Yuk Ki
KWOK Wing Keiwon againstIP Wai Sing