ISHII Ken'Ichi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 石井健一
4 tournaments
14 results
Player ID: 173

Ken-Ichi Ishii is a 2-time world Othello champion, winning his first world title in 1983 in Paris and again in 1987 in Milan.

Ken-Ichi won the 1983 All-Japan championship at the age of 20 and won his first world title that same year in Paris defeating Imre Leader(GBR) in two games in the WOC final. In 1984 Ken-Ichi won the prestigious Meijin title defeating the previous title holder Takeshi Hasegawa, and would keep the title for the next 3 years until 1987. Ken-Ichi won the All-Japan championship a second time in 1987, followed by a second world title in Milan defeating Paul Ralle(FRA) in three games in the WOC final, the first between two former world champions.


World Othello Champion 1983, Paris, France
World Othello Champion 1987, Milan, Italy
All-Japan Championship 1983, 1987
Meijin 1984, 1985, 1986


1993-08-23: 21st All Japan(Japan)
ISHII Ken'Ichiwon againstYAMADA Toru
ISHII Ken'Ichiwon againstTAKIZAWA Masaki
MAEDA Kohichiwon againstISHII Ken'Ichi
1992-08-08: 20th All Japan(Japan)
TAMENORI Hideshiwon againstISHII Ken'Ichi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstISHII Ken'Ichi
ISHII Ken'Ichiwon againstSANO Hirotaka
ISHII Ken'Ichiwon againstYAMADA Toru
ISHII Ken'Ichiwon againstNAGAO Hiroto
ISHII Ken'Ichiwon againstITAGAKI Kenichi
ISHII Ken'Ichiwon againstKITAJIMA Hideki
1991-08-04: 19th All Japan(Japan)
ICHIKAWA Yukinoriwon againstISHII Ken'Ichi
ISHII Ken'Ichiwon againstYOSHIDA Taisaku
ISHII Ken'Ichiwon againstMORI Keiji
1991-03-31: 12th Meijin challenger(Japan)
KANEDA Shigeru46-18ISHII Ken'Ichi