ROSE Julia (USA)

6 tournaments
41 results
Player ID: 20024
Rated 14 in USA and 29 in North&South America and 1077 in the World
Latest rating: 1555
2019-02-12: Silvia Petric Memorial - US National Championship(USA)
NAMAZU Yuki48-16ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia11-53PLATT Jared
NAMAZU Misa19-45ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia20-44ROSE Joseph
ROSE Julia36-28NG Daniel
UNFRIED Joseph13-51ROSE Julia
2018-04-212018-04-22: 2018 US Open(USA)
MORENO Borja53-11ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia21-43CHEN Albert
FU Jacky53-11ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia17-47YIU Edmund
RUBY Kevin19-45ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia14-50SEELEY Ben
ROSE Julia19-45CHITRA Yohanes
ROSE Julia14-50ROSE Joseph
ROSE Brian49-15ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia46-18SANO Yoko
WEBER Art42-22ROSE Julia
2017-08-262017-08-27: 2017 US Nationals - Sylvia Petric Memorial - day 1(USA)
HURST Christina35-29ROSE Julia
PLATT Jared55-09ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia33-31SANO Yoko
ROCKWELL David52-12ROSE Julia
BISHOP Robert41-23ROSE Julia
2015-08-22: 2015 Sylvia Petric Memorial(USA)
ROSE Julia33-31PLUMMER Eugene
ROSE Julia08-56CHITRA Yohanes
ROSE Joseph39-25ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia12-52ROSE Brian
PARSONS David40-24ROSE Julia
CAI Jian31-33ROSE Julia
2014-08-23: Clarence Hewlett Memorial Day 1(USA)
ROSE Joseph41-23ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia49-15ROSE Erica
HAI Jerry53-11ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia27-37CAI Jian
SANO Yoko54-10ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia23-41YU Dal
ROSE Julia22-42SEELEY Ben
2012-08-26: 2012 Clarence Hewlett Memorial(USA)
ROSE Julia28-36PETRIC Vlad
WEBER Art50-14ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia14-50KATZMAN Sharon
HAI Jerry48-16ROSE Julia
ROSE Julia15-49ROSE Joseph
SANO Yoko54-10ROSE Julia