2018 US Open (USA)
2018-04-21 → 2018-04-22

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    4043, SEELEY, Ben, USA, 10, 505, 2335
    4060, YIU, Edmund, USA,  9, 460, 2055
   20023, ROSE, Joseph, USA,  9, 432, 1859
     177, ROSE, Brian, USA,  7.5, 443, 2172
    4001, FU, Jacky, CAN,  7, 411, 2060
   20009, RUHMKORFF, Ben, USA,  6, 364, 1768
    4876, MORENO, Borja, ESP,  5.5, 350, 2516
    4004, SANO, Yoko, JPN,  5.5, 313, 1880
   20015, CHEN, Albert, USA,  3.5, 345, 1708
    4089, CHITRA, Yohanes, USA,  2, 312, 1960
   20024, ROSE, Julia, USA,  2, 235, 1465
 + 20038, RUBY, Kevin, USA,  0, 118, 0


Here are all results.

2018-04-212018-04-22: 2018 US Open(USA)
CHEN Albert47-17CHITRA Yohanes
MORENO Borja53-11ROSE Julia
SEELEY Ben41-23ROSE Joseph
RUBY Kevin13-51SANO Yoko
YIU Edmund28-36ROSE Brian
FU Jacky13-51LEDHE GIACI Marko
ROSE Julia21-43CHEN Albert
ROSE Joseph54-10MORENO Borja
SANO Yoko21-43SEELEY Ben
ROSE Brian55-09RUBY Kevin
LEDHE GIACI Marko14-50YIU Edmund
CHITRA Yohanes15-49FU Jacky
CHEN Albert27-37ROSE Joseph
MORENO Borja32-32SANO Yoko
SEELEY Ben33-31ROSE Brian
RUBY Kevin12-52LEDHE GIACI Marko
YIU Edmund37-27CHITRA Yohanes
FU Jacky53-11ROSE Julia
SANO Yoko45-19CHEN Albert
ROSE Brian25-39MORENO Borja
CHITRA Yohanes60-04RUBY Kevin
ROSE Julia17-47YIU Edmund
ROSE Joseph34-30FU Jacky
CHEN Albert32-32ROSE Brian
SEELEY Ben58-06CHITRA Yohanes
RUBY Kevin19-45ROSE Julia
YIU Edmund46-18ROSE Joseph
FU Jacky55-09SANO Yoko
LEDHE GIACI Marko35-29CHEN Albert
CHITRA Yohanes26-38MORENO Borja
ROSE Julia14-50SEELEY Ben
ROSE Joseph56-08RUBY Kevin
SANO Yoko39-25YIU Edmund
ROSE Brian52-12FU Jacky
CHEN Albert31-33MORENO Borja
SEELEY Ben52-12RUBY Kevin
YIU Edmund38-26FU Jacky
LEDHE GIACI Marko16-48ROSE Brian
SANO Yoko14-50ROSE Joseph
ROSE Julia19-45CHITRA Yohanes
FU Jacky44-20CHEN Albert
YIU Edmund49-15RUBY Kevin
CHITRA Yohanes29-35LEDHE GIACI Marko
SANO Yoko11-53ROSE Brian
ROSE Julia14-50ROSE Joseph
CHEN Albert12-52SEELEY Ben
MORENO Borja20-44YIU Edmund
RUBY Kevin14-50FU Jacky
ROSE Brian49-15ROSE Julia
ROSE Joseph33-31CHITRA Yohanes
RUBY Kevin01-63CHEN Albert
FU Jacky40-24MORENO Borja
YIU Edmund33-31SEELEY Ben
ROSE Joseph38-26LEDHE GIACI Marko
CHITRA Yohanes27-37ROSE Brian
ROSE Julia46-18SANO Yoko
CHEN Albert22-42YIU Edmund
MORENO Borja53-11RUBY Kevin
SEELEY Ben25-39FU Jacky
LEDHE GIACI Marko42-22ROSE Julia
ROSE Brian25-39ROSE Joseph
SANO Yoko35-29CHITRA Yohanes
YIU Edmund21-43SEELEY Ben