ROSS Stephen (USA)
2 tournaments
19 results
Rated 15 in USA and 32 in North&South America and 1010 in the World
Latest rating: 1599
2016-03-262016-03-27: US Open(USA)
FU Jacky47-17ROSS Stephen
ROSS Stephen11-53ROSE Brian
RUHMKORFF Ben30-34ROSS Stephen
ROSS Stephen37-27BENTOLILA Sarah
ROSS Stephen25-39CHITRA Yohanes
ROSS Stephen31-33BISHOP Robert
SEELEY Ben47-17ROSS Stephen
2015-08-15: 2015 US Open(USA)
CHITRA Yohanes58-06ROSS Stephen
GILLILAND Richie57-07ROSS Stephen
BENTOLILA Sarah40-24ROSS Stephen
SEELEY Ben40-24ROSS Stephen
ROSS Stephen22-42CHITRA Yohanes
ROSS Stephen06-58SEELEY Ben
BENTOLILA Sarah33-31ROSS Stephen
ROSS Stephen33-31GILLILAND Richie
CHITRA Yohanes25-39ROSS Stephen
ROSS Stephen22-42SEELEY Ben
ROSS Stephen03-61GILLILAND Richie
ROSS Stephen30-34BENTOLILA Sarah