DVIVON Tatiana (Israel)

3 tournaments
14 results
Player ID: 200406
Rated 14 in Israel and 266 in Europe and 908 in the World
Latest rating: 966
2024-04-20: Kfar Saba open(Israel)
SHIFMAN Leonid38-26DVIVON Tatiana
DVIVON Tatiana19-45SHIFMAN Ilya
DVIVON Tatiana07-57DVIVON Konstantin
LAUFER Shachar62-02DVIVON Tatiana
DVIVON Tatiana02-62SHIFMAN Micky
2023-09-30: Happy Birthday(Israel)
DVIVON Tatiana12-52SHIFMAN Ilya
KAMINSKY Oleg40-24DVIVON Tatiana
DVIVON Tatiana19-45MATVEEVA Sonya
SHIFMAN Micky49-15DVIVON Tatiana
2023-06-17: Israeli National Championship(Israel)
MATVEEVA Sonya53-11DVIVON Tatiana
DVIVON Tatiana41-23DVIVON Konstantin
SHIFMAN Ilya64-00DVIVON Tatiana
SHAMIR Barry33-31DVIVON Tatiana
DVIVON Tatiana18-46SHIFMAN Leonid