NOGA Pavel (Czech Republic)

3 tournaments
20 results
Player ID: 210191
Rated 8 in Czech Republic and 278 in Europe and 1384 in the World
Latest rating: 1226
  • 2018
2018-05-26: Czech GPO 6/2018(Czech Republic)
SVANDA Martin13-51NOGA Pavel
NOGA Pavel47-17RACEK Matyas
ZINCENKO Marina27-37NOGA Pavel
NOGA Pavel05-59DOUDA Tomas
SLADEK Vitek18-46NOGA Pavel
NOGA Pavel12-52HVEZDOVA Jitka
GURZHIY Luka19-45NOGA Pavel
2018-04-14: Czech GPO 4/2018(Czech Republic)
NOGA Pavel18-46HVEZDOVA Jitka
ZINCENKO Marina33-31NOGA Pavel
NOGA Pavel26-38KOTINOVA Hana
KOTIN Vladimir13-51NOGA Pavel
NOGA Pavel48-16SLADEK Vitek
ZINCENKO Nikita58-06NOGA Pavel
2018-03-17: Czech GPO 3/2018(Czech Republic)
KOTIN David37-27NOGA Pavel
SLADEK Vitek22-42NOGA Pavel
NOGA Pavel49-15KOTINOVA Hana
NOGA Pavel11-53DOUDA Tomas
KOTIN Vladimir15-49NOGA Pavel
NOGA Pavel33-31ZINCENKO Nikita
ZINCENKO Marina33-31NOGA Pavel