KWAN Kin Wain (Singapore)
4 tournaments
28 results
Rated T32 in Singapore and T772 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T950 in the World
Latest rating: 1634
2016-06-05: Singapore National Othello Championship 2016(Singapore)
LIN Wei Hao Roy42-22KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain39-25TIN Jun Hao
LIM Wee Kiat28-36KWAN Kin Wain
LIM Xin Yi38-26KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain36-28YE Ruo Fan
KWAN Kin Wain26-38CHONG Sky
2013-08-24: Singapore Championship(Singapore)
GOH Jun Jie Anthony38-26KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain27-37LIM Wee Kiat
NOV Choun44-20KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain26-38LIM Yaohui
AUYOK Sean14-50KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain43-21CHUA Zi Wei
KWAN Kin Wain25-39TAN Yan Shao
2010-08-14: Singapore National Othello Championship - SNOC2010(Singapore)
KWAN Kin Wain54-10TAN Yan Leng Joey
WU Jin Feng30-34KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain36-28CHONG Sky
SUEKUNI Makoto42-22KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain25-39LEE Choon Foong
NG Yen Lee36-28KWAN Kin Wain
2009-07-25: Singapore Othello Championship - SOC2009(Singapore)
WAN Elsa52-12KWAN Kin Wain
NG Hui Wen31-33KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain12-52SIM Ping Khuan
KWAN Kin Wain27-37KER Li Juin
CHAN Gerald38-26KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain27-37CHUA Zi Wei
TOH Si Ying30-34KWAN Kin Wain
KWAN Kin Wain31-33ONG Wei Long