Singapore Othello Championship - SOC2009 (Singapore)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

     698, SUEKUNI, Makoto,           J,   8,   617   %Champion
  250003, KOH,     Bo Chao Alex,     SGP, 7,   620   %First runner-up
    4138, LEE,     Choon Foong,      SGP, 6,   586   %Second runner-up
    4130, WILLIAM, Joanna,           RI,  6,   580   %Top Female
  250006, LEONG,   Chee Kit,         SGP, 5.5, 501     
    7700, SIM,     Ping Khuan,       SGP, 5.5, 484     
    4132, CHONG,   Sky,              SGP, 5,   550     
  250007, WU,      Jinfeng,          SGP, 5,   548     
 +250049, PAW,     Su Lin Kenneth,   SGP, 5,   533     
  250008, LIN,     Wei Hao Roy,      SGP, 5,   532
  160000, YAP,     Siew Kun,         MAL, 5,   519
  250018, ONG,     Wee Ling,         SGP, 5,   513
  250017, YING,    Ke Sin,           SGP, 5,   492
 +250050, TOH,     Hui Hung,         SGP, 4.5, 515
  250013, TAN,     Li Ling,          SGP, 4.5, 481
 +250051, TAN,     Yong Sheng Edgar, SGP, 4,   467
  250004, ONG,     Shi Hao Samuel,   SGP, 4,   466
 +250052, LUI,     Him Lun,          SGP, 4,   465
  250024, NG,      Hui Wen,          SGP, 4,   461
 +250053, CHUA,    Zi Wei,           SGP, 4,   441
 +250054, GAN,     Chin Leng,        SGP, 4,   436
  250036, NG,      Hao Ping,         SGP, 4,   433
    7701, WAN,     Elsa,             SGP, 4,   417
 +250055, ONG,     Xing Qiang,       SGP, 4,   415
 +250056, SIM,     Wei Ping,         SGP, 4    378
  250048, CHEE,    Chin Yang,        SGP, 3.5, 438     
  250031, KER,     Li Juin,          SGP, 3.5, 399     
  250033, HUANG,   Ying Rui,         SGP, 3,   432     
 +250057, LOH,     De Wei,           SGP, 3,   403     
  250020, TEO,     Hui Jing Melissa, SGP, 3,   388     
  250028, LOW,     Zhi Ren Leonard,  SGP, 3,   375     
 +250058, ONG,     Wei Long,         SGP, 3,   358     
 +250059, TOH,     Si Ying,          SGP, 3,   345     
 +250060, KWAN,    Kin Wain,         SGP, 2,   376     
 +250061, OIL,     Christanto,       SGP, 2,   364     
 +250062, CHAN,    Gerald,           SGP, 2,   333     
 +250063, PEH,     Fen Ning,         SGP, 1,   270     
  250043, LIM,     Hui Min Emily,    SGP, 0,   299     
 +250064, LOH,     Wen Qi,           SGP, 0,    48 %Did not attend and remove after 2nd Round
  250026, ONG,     Guo Quan Jason,   SGP, 0,    42 %Did not attend and remove after 2nd Round


Here are all results.

2009-07-25: Singapore Othello Championship - SOC2009(Singapore)
LOW Zhi Ren Leonard00-64SUEKUNI Makoto
CHONG Sky51-13HUANG Ying Rui
LIM Hui Min Emily00-64KOH Bo Chao Alex
LEE Choon Foong47-17SIM Wei Ping
TOH Hui Hung43-21WU Jin Feng
LEONG Chee Kit34-30GAN Chin Leng
CHUA Zi Wei29-35ONG Shi Hao Samuel
PAW Su Lin Kenneth42-22CHEE Chin Yang
OIL Christanto18-46SIM Ping Khuan
WAN Elsa52-12KWAN Kin Wain
ONG Xing Qiang15-49YAP Siew Kun
LIN WEI HAO Roy54-10TOH Si Ying
LOH De Wei40-24YING Ke Sin
TAN Li Ling18-46TAN Yong Sheng Edgar
LUI Him Lun49-15TEO Hui Jing Melissa
ONG Wee Ling64-00LOH Wen Qi
WILLIAM Joanna50-14NG Hui Wen
KER Li Juin45-19CHAN Gerald
ONG Wei Long64-00ONG Guo Quan Jason
NG Hao Ping51-13PEH Fen Ning
ONG Wee Ling18-46CHONG Sky
KOH Bo Chao Alex64-00KER Li Juin
NG Hao Ping10-54LEE Choon Foong
TOH Hui Hung32-32LEONG Chee Kit
ONG Shi Hao Samuel47-17LOH De Wei
TAN Yong Sheng Edgar31-33PAW Su Lin Kenneth
SIM Ping Khuan30-34LUI Him Lun
WILLIAM Joanna51-13WAN Elsa
YAP Siew Kun52-12ONG Wei Long
WU Jin Feng64-00GAN Chin Leng
YING Ke Sin21-43CHUA Zi Wei
CHEE Chin Yang09-55TAN Li Ling
TEO Hui Jing Melissa40-24OIL Christanto
NG Hui Wen31-33KWAN Kin Wain
ONG Guo Quan Jason00-64ONG Xing Qiang
TOH Si Ying28-36LOW Zhi Ren Leonard
HUANG Ying Rui64-00LOH Wen Qi
CHAN Gerald33-31LIM Hui Min Emily
SIM Wei Ping47-17PEH Fen Ning
PAW Su Lin Kenneth29-35SUEKUNI Makoto
CHONG Sky45-19ONG Shi Hao Samuel
LUI Him Lun11-53KOH Bo Chao Alex
LEE Choon Foong52-12YAP Siew Kun
LEONG Chee Kit11-53WILLIAM Joanna
WAN Elsa12-52TOH Hui Hung
CHUA Zi Wei12-52WU Jin Feng
KWAN Kin Wain12-52SIM Ping Khuan
LIN WEI HAO Roy51-13HUANG Ying Rui
TAN Li Ling48-16SIM Wei Ping
ONG Xing Qiang20-44TEO Hui Jing Melissa
LOH De Wei04-60ONG Wee Ling
KER Li Juin19-45TAN Yong Sheng Edgar
ONG Wei Long10-54NG Hao Ping
LOW Zhi Ren Leonard43-21CHAN Gerald
OIL Christanto03-61YING Ke Sin
PEH Fen Ning07-57NG Hui Wen
LIM Hui Min Emily00-64CHEE Chin Yang
GAN Chin Leng45-19TOH Si Ying
SUEKUNI Makoto47-17WILLIAM Joanna
KOH Bo Chao Alex48-16CHONG Sky
TOH Hui Hung11-53LEE Choon Foong
WU Jin Feng48-16TAN Li Ling
ONG Shi Hao Samuel25-39ONG Wee Ling
TEO Hui Jing Melissa16-48PAW Su Lin Kenneth
SIM Ping Khuan49-15NG Hao Ping
YAP Siew Kun53-11LOW Zhi Ren Leonard
TAN Yong Sheng Edgar37-27LIN WEI HAO Roy
LEONG Chee Kit28-36LUI Him Lun
CHEE Chin Yang46-18WAN Elsa
YING Ke Sin60-04ONG Xing Qiang
NG Hui Wen33-31CHUA Zi Wei
KWAN Kin Wain27-37KER Li Juin
HUANG Ying Rui34-30LOH De Wei
SIM Wei Ping34-30CHAN Gerald
GAN Chin Leng52-12ONG Wei Long
TOH Si Ying35-29LIM Hui Min Emily
PEH Fen Ning10-54OIL Christanto
LEE Choon Foong26-38SUEKUNI Makoto
PAW Su Lin Kenneth25-39KOH Bo Chao Alex
CHONG Sky51-13TAN Yong Sheng Edgar
ONG Wee Ling16-48WU Jin Feng
WILLIAM Joanna57-07SIM Ping Khuan
LUI Him Lun13-51YAP Siew Kun
ONG Shi Hao Samuel20-44TOH Hui Hung
LIN WEI HAO Roy60-04SIM Wei Ping
NG Hao Ping30-34YING Ke Sin
TAN Li Ling38-26HUANG Ying Rui
LOW Zhi Ren Leonard23-41TEO Hui Jing Melissa
NG Hui Wen47-17GAN Chin Leng
KER Li Juin32-32CHEE Chin Yang
CHUA Zi Wei10-54LEONG Chee Kit
WAN Elsa52-12TOH Si Ying
OIL Christanto14-50LOH De Wei
CHAN Gerald38-26KWAN Kin Wain
ONG Xing Qiang44-20ONG Wei Long
LIM Hui Min Emily27-37PEH Fen Ning
SUEKUNI Makoto35-29KOH Bo Chao Alex
YAP Siew Kun13-51CHONG Sky
WU Jin Feng18-46LEE Choon Foong
TOH Hui Hung31-33WILLIAM Joanna
LUI Him Lun28-36PAW Su Lin Kenneth
SIM Ping Khuan32-32TAN Li Ling
TEO Hui Jing Melissa08-56LIN WEI HAO Roy
YING Ke Sin33-31NG Hui Wen
TAN Yong Sheng Edgar19-45ONG Wee Ling
CHEE Chin Yang12-52LEONG Chee Kit
HUANG Ying Rui23-41KER Li Juin
SIM Wei Ping12-52ONG Shi Hao Samuel
GAN Chin Leng45-19WAN Elsa
CHAN Gerald21-43NG Hao Ping
LOH De Wei31-33LOW Zhi Ren Leonard
PEH Fen Ning17-47ONG Xing Qiang
KWAN Kin Wain27-37CHUA Zi Wei
TOH Si Ying34-30OIL Christanto
ONG Wei Long43-21LIM Hui Min Emily
CHONG Sky12-52SUEKUNI Makoto
KOH Bo Chao Alex44-20WILLIAM Joanna
LEE Choon Foong43-21YING Ke Sin
LIN WEI HAO Roy33-31WU Jin Feng
PAW Su Lin Kenneth25-39YAP Siew Kun
LEONG Chee Kit36-28ONG Wee Ling
KER Li Juin19-45SIM Ping Khuan
TAN Li Ling29-35TOH Hui Hung
ONG Shi Hao Samuel30-34LUI Him Lun
NG Hui Wen46-18TEO Hui Jing Melissa
NG Hao Ping22-42TAN Yong Sheng Edgar
ONG Xing Qiang18-46GAN Chin Leng
LOW Zhi Ren Leonard12-52CHEE Chin Yang
WAN Elsa47-17CHAN Gerald
ONG Wei Long14-50HUANG Ying Rui
OIL Christanto17-47SIM Wei Ping
CHUA Zi Wei58-06PEH Fen Ning
TOH Si Ying30-34KWAN Kin Wain
LIM Hui Min Emily17-47LOH De Wei
SUEKUNI Makoto42-22YAP Siew Kun
KOH Bo Chao Alex54-10LEE Choon Foong
WILLIAM Joanna38-26CHONG Sky
LEONG Chee Kit38-26LIN WEI HAO Roy
SIM Ping Khuan40-24TOH Hui Hung
WU Jin Feng44-20LUI Him Lun
GAN Chin Leng00-64PAW Su Lin Kenneth
YING Ke Sin52-12TAN Yong Sheng Edgar
ONG Wee Ling42-22NG Hui Wen
KER Li Juin17-47TAN Li Ling
CHEE Chin Yang24-40ONG Shi Hao Samuel
LOH De Wei28-36WAN Elsa
TEO Hui Jing Melissa20-44CHUA Zi Wei
SIM Wei Ping36-28LOW Zhi Ren Leonard
HUANG Ying Rui23-41ONG Xing Qiang
NG Hao Ping49-15LIM Hui Min Emily
KWAN Kin Wain31-33ONG Wei Long
CHAN Gerald19-45OIL Christanto
PEH Fen Ning13-51TOH Si Ying