HENG Li Ying Clara (Singapore)

3 tournaments
19 results
Player ID: 250067
Rated 29 in Singapore and 842 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1124 in the World
Latest rating: 796
2019-03-09: Colchester Regional 2019(Great-Britain)
LEADER Imre40-24HENG Li Ying Clara
ROWE Stephen33-31HENG Li Ying Clara
HENG Li Ying Clara29-35BECK David
HENG Li Ying Clara19-45LEADER Imre
HENG Li Ying Clara13-51ROWE Stephen
BECK David46-18HENG Li Ying Clara
2011-08-08: Singapore Championship(Singapore)
WU Jin Feng56-08HENG Li Ying Clara
ZHAO Xiao Yi11-53HENG Li Ying Clara
HENG Li Ying Clara14-50FANG Randy
HENG Li Ying Clara50-14CHUA Chen Hao Daniel
CHIANG Chen Shan31-33HENG Li Ying Clara
HENG Li Ying Clara52-12LOW Wee Hao Eddie
HENG Li Ying Clara29-35NG Hui Wen
2010-08-14: Singapore National Othello Championship - SNOC2010(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit38-26HENG Li Ying Clara
HENG Li Ying Clara16-48LIM Yaohui
LIEW Rui Teng35-29HENG Li Ying Clara
HENG Li Ying Clara52-12KOO Zheng An
HENG Li Ying Clara48-16TAN Yan Leng Joey
GOH Pei Shan30-34HENG Li Ying Clara