Singapore Championship (Singapore)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  250003, KOH,      Bo Chao Alex,       SGP, 6, 392
    4138, LEE,      Choon Foong,        SGP, 5, 363
  250006, LEONG,    Chee Kit,           SGP, 5, 359
    4076, TSOI,     Chun Yip,           HK,  4, 406
  250007, WU,       Jin Feng,           SGP, 4, 386
    4088, FANG,     Randy,              USA, 4, 370
  250067, HENG,     Li Ying Clara,      SGP, 4, 303
    4131, CHEW,     Ching Wuen,         SGP, 3.5, 374
    4132, CHONG,    Wun Leong Sky,      SGP, 3.5, 363
 +250078, NG,       Qi Han,             SGP, 3, 339
  250015, CHEAH,    Shuang Yong,        SGP, 3, 335
  250024, NG,       Hui Wen,            SGP, 3, 329
  250065, LOW,      Wee Hao Eddie,      SGP, 3, 328
 +250079, SHI,      Yu Yan,             SGP, 3, 255
  250073, GOH,      See Min,            SGP, 3, 239
 +250080, MUHAMMAD, Ridhwaan,           SGP, 3, 200
 +250081, CHIANG,   Chen Shan,          SGP, 2, 293
 +250082, CHOONG,   Dan,                SGP, 2, 255
 +250083, ZHAO,     Xiao Yi,            SGP, 2, 242
 +250084, CHEN,     Zi Yan,             SGP, 2, 167
 +250085, LEE,      Oscar,              SGP, 2, 143
 +250086, CHUA,     Chen Hao Daniel,    SGP, 1, 175
 +250087, NG,       Mei Xian Priscilla, SGP, 1, 146


Here are all results.

2011-08-08: Singapore Championship(Singapore)
CHEAH Shuang Yong22-42LEE Choon Foong
KOH Bo Chao Alex64-00NG Mei Xian Priscilla
CHIANG Chen Shan44-20FANG Randy
LEONG Chee Kit46-18NG Qi Han
CHEN Zi Yan00-64CHEW Ching Wuen
WU Jin Feng56-08HENG Li Ying Clara
SHI Yu Yan10-54LOW Wee Hao Eddie
CHONG Sky62-02LEE Oscar
MUHAMMAD Ridhwaan00-64TSOI Chun Yip
CHOONG Dan44-20CHUA Chen Hao Daniel
NG Hui Wen58-06ZHAO Xiao Yi
LEE Choon Foong42-22CHONG Sky
TSOI Chun Yip23-41KOH Bo Chao Alex
CHOONG Dan12-52LEONG Chee Kit
CHEW Ching Wuen55-09CHIANG Chen Shan
GOH See Min00-64WU Jin Feng
LOW Wee Hao Eddie34-30NG Hui Wen
FANG Randy64-00CHEN Zi Yan
ZHAO Xiao Yi11-53HENG Li Ying Clara
LEE Oscar02-62CHEAH Shuang Yong
NG Mei Xian Priscilla04-60SHI Yu Yan
NG Qi Han60-04MUHAMMAD Ridhwaan
WU Jin Feng29-35LEE Choon Foong
KOH Bo Chao Alex37-27CHEW Ching Wuen
LEONG Chee Kit41-23LOW Wee Hao Eddie
HENG Li Ying Clara14-50FANG Randy
CHONG Sky45-19NG Qi Han
SHI Yu Yan03-61TSOI Chun Yip
NG Hui Wen40-24CHOONG Dan
CHUA Chen Hao Daniel04-60CHEAH Shuang Yong
CHIANG Chen Shan48-16GOH See Min
CHEN Zi Yan15-49ZHAO Xiao Yi
LEE Oscar37-27NG Mei Xian Priscilla
LEE Choon Foong31-33KOH Bo Chao Alex
FANG Randy31-33LEONG Chee Kit
CHEW Ching Wuen40-24NG Hui Wen
TSOI Chun Yip37-27WU Jin Feng
LOW Wee Hao Eddie50-14CHIANG Chen Shan
CHEAH Shuang Yong17-47CHONG Sky
MUHAMMAD Ridhwaan12-52CHOONG Dan
ZHAO Xiao Yi17-47SHI Yu Yan
NG Qi Han62-02LEE Oscar
HENG Li Ying Clara50-14CHUA Chen Hao Daniel
NG Mei Xian Priscilla00-64GOH See Min
KOH Bo Chao Alex47-17LEONG Chee Kit
LOW Wee Hao Eddie23-41LEE Choon Foong
CHONG Sky32-32CHEW Ching Wuen
CHOONG Dan04-60TSOI Chun Yip
SHI Yu Yan15-49FANG Randy
WU Jin Feng48-16NG Qi Han
GOH See Min23-41CHEAH Shuang Yong
CHIANG Chen Shan31-33HENG Li Ying Clara
NG Hui Wen62-02CHEN Zi Yan
CHUA Chen Hao Daniel07-57ZHAO Xiao Yi
LEE Oscar07-57MUHAMMAD Ridhwaan
CHONG Sky23-41KOH Bo Chao Alex
LEONG Chee Kit38-26TSOI Chun Yip
LEE Choon Foong34-30CHEW Ching Wuen
FANG Randy45-19NG Hui Wen
CHEAH Shuang Yong31-33WU Jin Feng
HENG Li Ying Clara52-12LOW Wee Hao Eddie
NG Qi Han53-11CHOONG Dan
ZHAO Xiao Yi15-49GOH See Min
MUHAMMAD Ridhwaan34-30CHIANG Chen Shan
CHUA Chen Hao Daniel28-36SHI Yu Yan
CHEN Zi Yan30-34NG Mei Xian Priscilla
KOH Bo Chao Alex27-37TSOI Chun Yip
LEE Choon Foong37-27LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex29-35LEONG Chee Kit
LEE Choon Foong18-46TSOI Chun Yip
HENG Li Ying Clara29-35NG Hui Wen