FROSONI Claudio (Italy)

2 tournaments
15 results
Player ID: 2816
Rated 44 in Italy and 229 in Europe and 839 in the World
Latest rating: 1207
2022-07-02: 1 European Othello Championship(Italy)
FROSONI Claudio19-45ROSSLER Daniel
CZYMARA Andreas43-21FROSONI Claudio
FROSONI Claudio31-33RINALDI Marco
RUSSO Luigi18-46FROSONI Claudio
FROSONI Claudio18-46SHIFMAN Shani
SHAMIR Barry13-51FROSONI Claudio
FROSONI Claudio18-46BEYER Guenther
KUJAWA Ewa53-11FROSONI Claudio
FROSONI Claudio28-36DVIVON Konstantin
MARALDI Simone19-45FROSONI Claudio
FROSONI Claudio42-22SLADEK Vitek
2021-10-17: Citta' di Roma 2021 - Tappa 2(Italy)
FROSONI Claudio05-59DI MATTEI Alessandro
ALESSI Andrea19-45FROSONI Claudio
FROSONI Claudio16-48DI COLA Severino
PACE Alessandro44-20FROSONI Claudio