CID Vitor Machado (Brazil)

1 tournaments
7 results
Player ID: 290103
Rated 5 in Brazil and 23 in North&South America and 905 in the World
Latest rating: 1382
WOF online rating: 1760, view profile on Vint.ee
  • 2019
2019-11-24: Campeonato Brasileiro de Othello 2019 - B(Brazil)
CID Vitor Machado59-05MARTINEZ Carlos Alejandro
CID Vitor Machado23-41SILVA Fabricio
SILVA Joao Victor S28-36CID Vitor Machado
DE CAMARGO Lucas34-30CID Vitor Machado
CID Vitor Machado55-09KITADA Paulo Cesar
CORREIA Rafael Augusto P16-48CID Vitor Machado
CID Vitor Machado16-48DE CAMARGO Lucas