Campeonato Brasileiro de Othello 2019 - B (Brazil)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  290000, SILVA, Fabricio, BRA,  4, 207, 1954
    4155, BRIANTE PIRES, Marcos Paulo, BRA,  4, 187, 1592
    4083, DE CAMARGO, Lucas, BRA,  4, 183, 1700
 +290103, CID, Vitor Machado, BRA,  3, 203, 0
 +290112, CID, Lucas Machado, BRA,  3, 184, 0
  290163, ISSA, Rodrigo Edelton, BRA,  3, 178, 0
  290013, FRITSCH, Evans, BRA,  3, 175, 1008
  290040, SILVA, Joao Victor S. Da, BRA,  2, 175, 814
  290153, RODRIGUES, Poliana Yossie, BRA,  2, 172, 463
  290025, CORREIA JR., Moises, BRA,  2, 165, 1026
  290051, CORREIA, Rafael Augusto P., BRA,  2, 161, 704
  290272, KITADA, Paulo Cesar, BRA,  2, 150, 1048
 +290154, LOBO, Marcus Vinicius, BRA,  1, 94, 0
 +290123, MARTINEZ, Carlos Alejandro, BRA,  0, 06, 0


Here are all results.

2019-11-24: Campeonato Brasileiro de Othello 2019 - B(Brazil)
SILVA Fabricio54-10CORREIA Rafael Augusto P.
SILVA Joao Victor S. Da22-42DE CAMARGO Lucas
BRIANTE PIRES Marcos Paulo39-25CID Lucas Machado
ISSA Rodrigo Edelton64-00KITADA Paulo Cesar
CID Vitor Machado59-05MARTINEZ Carlos Alejandro
LOBO Marcus Vinicius11-53CORREIA JR. Moises
FRITSCH Evans51-13RODRIGUES Poliana Yossie
CID Vitor Machado23-41SILVA Fabricio
CORREIA JR. Moises17-47BRIANTE PIRES Marcos Paulo
CORREIA Rafael Augusto P.27-37ISSA Rodrigo Edelton
KITADA Paulo Cesar63-01MARTINEZ Carlos Alejandro
RODRIGUES Poliana Yossie17-47SILVA Joao Victor S. Da
CID Lucas Machado56-08LOBO Marcus Vinicius
SILVA Fabricio38-26BRIANTE PIRES Marcos Paulo
ISSA Rodrigo Edelton35-29DE CAMARGO Lucas
FRITSCH Evans37-27KITADA Paulo Cesar
SILVA Joao Victor S. Da28-36CID Vitor Machado
CID Lucas Machado36-28CORREIA JR. Moises
LOBO Marcus Vinicius00-64CORREIA Rafael Augusto P.
MARTINEZ Carlos Alejandro00-64RODRIGUES Poliana Yossie
ISSA Rodrigo Edelton19-45SILVA Fabricio
DE CAMARGO Lucas34-30CID Vitor Machado
BRIANTE PIRES Marcos Paulo34-30FRITSCH Evans
KITADA Paulo Cesar51-13CID Lucas Machado
CORREIA JR. Moises39-25SILVA Joao Victor S. Da
CORREIA Rafael Augusto P.50-14RODRIGUES Poliana Yossie
MARTINEZ Carlos Alejandro00-64LOBO Marcus Vinicius
SILVA Fabricio29-35DE CAMARGO Lucas
BRIANTE PIRES Marcos Paulo41-23ISSA Rodrigo Edelton
CID Vitor Machado55-09KITADA Paulo Cesar
FRITSCH Evans36-28CORREIA JR. Moises
CID Lucas Machado54-10CORREIA Rafael Augusto P.
SILVA Joao Victor S. Da53-11LOBO Marcus Vinicius
RODRIGUES Poliana Yossie64-00MARTINEZ Carlos Alejandro
SILVA Fabricio30-34CID Lucas Machado
ISSA Rodrigo Edelton30-34CORREIA JR. Moises
SILVA Joao Victor S. Da07-57DE CAMARGO Lucas
CORREIA Rafael Augusto P.16-48CID Vitor Machado
BRIANTE PIRES Marcos Paulo40-24CORREIA JR. Moises
CID Lucas Machado34-30DAIROKUNO Mitsuru
CID Vitor Machado16-48DE CAMARGO Lucas
DE CAMARGO Lucas60-04CID Lucas Machado
CID Lucas Machado22-42BRIANTE PIRES Marcos Paulo