CID Lucas Machado (Brazil)

1 tournaments
9 results
Player ID: 290112
Rated 5 in Brazil and 33 in North&South America and 1125 in the World
Latest rating: 1487
  • 2019
2019-11-24: Campeonato Brasileiro de Othello 2019 - B(Brazil)
BRIANTE PIRES Marcos Paulo39-25CID Lucas Machado
CID Lucas Machado56-08LOBO Marcus Vinicius
CID Lucas Machado36-28CORREIA JR. Moises
KITADA Paulo Cesar51-13CID Lucas Machado
CID Lucas Machado54-10CORREIA Rafael Augusto P.
SILVA Fabricio30-34CID Lucas Machado
CID Lucas Machado34-30DAIROKUNO Mitsuru
DE CAMARGO Lucas60-04CID Lucas Machado
CID Lucas Machado22-42BRIANTE PIRES Marcos Paulo