GOMES Jeferson Dionisio (Brazil)

2 tournaments
9 results
Player ID: 290283
Rated 19 in Brazil and 59 in North&South America and 1636 in the World
Latest rating: -2083
2018-12-09: XVI Copa de Othello - Indaiatuba(Brazil)
GOMES Jeferson Dionisio14-50LU Hsiu Joan
PAIE CORREIA Vitor45-19GOMES Jeferson Dionisio
VALIM Sergio H. Dos S.44-20GOMES Jeferson Dionisio
GOMES Jeferson Dionisio14-50OLIVEIRA Mariana De
VALIM Richard Daniel S21-43GOMES Jeferson Dionisio
2017-11-26: Brasileiro de Othello por Equipes 2017(Brazil)
GOMES Jeferson Dionisio26-38TAKAHARA Gabriel
PIO DE ARAUJO Victor42-22GOMES Jeferson Dionisio
COTRIM Adrian29-35GOMES Jeferson Dionisio
GOMES Jeferson Dionisio51-13LURO Edna