CAPLET Alain (France)

8 tournaments
53 results
Player ID: 3790
Rated 34 in France and T361 in Europe and T1539 in the World
Latest rating: 724
2019-04-132019-04-14: Championnat de France 2019(France)
CAPLET Alain00-64ANDRIANI Sandry
AVY Bernadette46-18CAPLET Alain
DELGADO Marie-Louise34-30CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain07-57CLUZON Gilles
CAPLET Alain12-52ANDRIANI Bintsa
SCHERNO Dominique52-12CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain19-45TASTET Remi
LEVY Marc54-10CAPLET Alain
JUIGNER Felix64-00CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain10-54LAZARD Emmanuel
NICOLET Stephane32-32CAPLET Alain
2015-05-23: Tournoi C - Montbard 2015(France)
CAPLET Alain03-61AVY Jean-Pierre
MOLLET Thierry17-47CAPLET Alain
BRUIANT Jacky59-05CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain12-52AVY Bernadette
2014-09-132014-09-14: Championnat de France(France)
DELAUNAY Arnaud57-07CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain15-49JUIGNER Felix
MOLLET Thierry29-35CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain11-53CLUZON Gilles
AVY Bernadette40-24CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain34-30DELGADO Marie-Louise
CAPLET Alain20-44BRUIANT Jacky
AVY Jean-Pierre55-09CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain17-47ANDRIANI Bintsa
BENOIT Serge57-07CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain00-64LAZARD Emmanuel
2012-12-15: Selection Montbard 12-2012(France)
CAPLET Alain24-40AVY Jean-Pierre
CAPLET Alain07-57ANDRIANI Bintsa
BRUIANT Jacky39-25CAPLET Alain
2009-05-10: Open Montbard(France)
CAPLET Alain12-52DELGADO Marie-Louise
AUZENDE Frederic55-09CAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alain16-48AVY Jean-Pierre
BUTIN Pierre60-04CAPLET Alain
2009-04-05: Selection CF 2009 - Montbard(France)
CAPLET Alain17-47CASANO Marie-Christine
AVY Jean-Pierre61-03CAPLET Alain
CASANO Elie23-41CAPLET Alain
2006-06-10: Selection CF de Montbard(France)
DELGADO Marie-Louisewon againstCAPLET Alain
AVY Jean-Pierrewon againstCAPLET Alain
FRACHEBOIS Pierrewon againstCAPLET Alain
AVY Bernadettewon againstCAPLET Alain
TREBUJAIS Cecilewon againstCAPLET Alain
2006-05-062006-05-07: Prequalificatif de Montbard(France)
CAPLET Alainlost toLAZARD Emmanuel
SCHERNO Dominiquewon againstCAPLET Alain
LECAT Moniquewon againstCAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alainlost toBARRE Sebastien
REBOUILLAT Baptistewon againstCAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alainlost toDELGADO Marie-Louise
AVY Jean-Pierrewon againstCAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alainlost toANDRIANI Bintsa
KASHIWABARA Takujiwon againstCAPLET Alain
CAPLET Alainlost toNICOLET Stephane