JANG Chanhee (Korea)

2 tournaments
10 results
Player ID: 39013
Rated 26 in Korea and 1099 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1478 in the World
Latest rating: 938
2020-07-05: 3rd Korea Suwon(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung51-13JANG Chanhee
JANG Chanhee23-41JOO Jongyun
KIM Yoonsoo37-27JANG Chanhee
JANG Chanhee41-23JANG Junseo
JANG Chanhee40-24BACK Jiwoon
2019-08-19: MSO Othello(Great-Britain)
JANG Chanhee33-31GUECI Riccardo
HERNANDEZ Mario15-49JANG Chanhee
JANG Chanhee10-54TASTET Remi
NOH Euichan39-25JANG Chanhee
JANG Chanhee40-24JEONG Ji-Hwan