MARTIN Javier (Spain)
12 tournaments
94 results
Rated 3 in Spain and 121 in Europe and 703 in the World
Latest rating: 1726
2019-06-15: Spanish championship(Spain)
FERRER Oscar13-51MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier38-26RAMIREZ Sergio
MARTIN Javier21-43FU Velma
MADRONA Mario48-16MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier45-19MARTINEZ Oscar
MARTIN Javier64-00FERRER Oscar
RAMIREZ Sergio28-36MARTIN Javier
FU Velma52-12MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier30-34MADRONA Mario
MARTINEZ Oscar19-45MARTIN Javier
2018-11-17: Spanish championship 2018(Spain)
RAMIREZ Sergio17-47MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier29-35ROSARIO Fernando
KRACZYK Roman34-30MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier31-33RUIZ Pascual
MARTINEZ Oscar26-38MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier33-31RAMIREZ Sergio
ROSARIO Fernando23-41MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier17-47KRACZYK Roman
RUIZ Pascual28-36MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier55-09MARTINEZ Oscar
MARTIN Javier48-16ROSARIO Fernando
2018-02-17: Spanish championship 2017(Spain)
MARTIN Javier44-20MADRONA Mario
RAMIREZ Sergio50-14MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier49-15RUIZ Pascual
MARTINEZ Oscar31-33MARTIN Javier
MADRONA Mario46-18MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier30-34RAMIREZ Sergio
RUIZ Pascual22-42MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier26-38MARTINEZ Oscar
2015-04-182015-04-19: EGP Madrid(Spain)
MARTIN Javier44-20WATANABE Hideki
MARTIN Javier17-47TASTET Marc
BUDINO Ricardo20-44MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier23-41LEADER Imre
MARTIN Javier27-37MARCONI Francesco
VORACEK Miroslav41-23MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier22-42MARTINEZ Oscar
RAMIREZ Sergio38-26MARTIN Javier
2014-10-18: Spanish Championship(Spain)
MORENO Borja54-10MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier20-44MORENO Borja
BUDINO Ricardo43-21MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier09-55BUDINO Ricardo
2013-11-16: Spanish Championship(Spain)
MORENO Borjawon againstMARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javierwon againstMARTI Luis
MARTIN Javierwon againstBUDINO Ricardo
SAIZ Ruben32-32MARTIN Javier
KRACZYK Romanwon againstMARTIN Javier
SAIZ Rubenwon againstMARTIN Javier
2013-04-062013-04-07: EGP Barcelona(Spain)
MARTIN Javier50-14RAMIREZ Sergio
CHIARULLI Giuseppe21-43MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier31-33BUDINO Ricardo
MARCONI Francesco53-11MARTIN Javier
HOBO Roelwon againstMARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier55-09TASTET Marc
2011-09-03: Spanish championship(Spain)
MORENO Borja27-37MARTIN Javier
BUDINO Ricardo14-50MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier34-30SAIZ Ruben
MARTIN Javier18-46MORENO Borja
MARTIN Javier53-11BUDINO Ricardo
SAIZ Ruben40-24MARTIN Javier
2011-04-022011-04-03: EGP Barcelona(Spain)
MARTIN Javier27-37AUZENDE Frederic
MARCONI Flavio12-52MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier28-36MENDOZA Jordi
MARTIN Javier44-20BALAGUER Demian
SAIZ Ruben38-26MARTIN Javier
STANZIONE Pierluigi40-24MARTIN Javier
MENDOZA Martin25-39MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier15-49MARCONI Francesco
2010-09-18: Spanish Championship 2010 - Seville(Spain)
MARTIN Javier48-16MAZA Santiago
ROSARIO Fernando18-46MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier51-13SAIZ Ruben
BANDRES Jorge29-35MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier42-22RUIZ Pascual
MARTIN Javier26-38MORENO Borja
BUDINO Ricardo12-52MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier19-45MORENO Borja
2009-10-10: 2009 Spanish Championship(Spain)
MARCILLA Luis Miguel17-47MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier30-34MENDOZA Martin
MARTIN Javier46-18MARTINEZ Oscar
MORENO Borja20-44MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier23-41SAIZ Ruben
MENDOZA Jordi25-39MARTIN Javier
BANDRES Jorge09-55MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier15-49SAIZ Ruben
2008-09-27: 2008 Spanish Championship(Spain)
MARTIN Javier23-41BANDRES Jorge
MARCILLA Luis Miguel11-53MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier22-42VALLEJO Javier
MARTINEZ Oscar38-26MARTIN Javier
MARTIN Javier25-39SAIZ Ruben
FERNANDEZ Clemente S23-41MARTIN Javier