COLLAY Arthur (France)
2 tournaments
9 results
Rated 34 in France and 356 in Europe and 1510 in the World
Latest rating: 700
2017-12-17: Tournoi de Noel Juniors(France)
BENOIT Mathis33-31COLLAY Arthur
COLLAY Arthur46-18TASTET Sophie
KEUMAYOU Esther38-26COLLAY Arthur
COLLAY Arthur14-50TASTET Remi
ROQUES Raphael42-22COLLAY Arthur
2016-04-16: Ile de France 3(France)
COLLAY Arthur00-64ANDRIANI Bintsa
COLLAY Frederic53-11COLLAY Arthur
COLLAY Arthur52-12COLLAY Jeanne
BETIN Dominique54-10COLLAY Arthur