ROBERT Dominique (France)

2 tournaments
9 results
Player ID: 50115
Rated 24 in France and 216 in Europe and 1022 in the World
Latest rating: 1157
  • 2019
2019-10-13: Ile de France 5(France)
ROUSSELLE Yolande07-57ROBERT Dominique
ROBERT Dominique16-48LEVY-ABEGNOLI Thierry
BENOIT Serge49-15ROBERT Dominique
ROBERT Dominique49-15OVION Alix-Anne
TOUCHENE Fouad59-05ROBERT Dominique
2019-09-22: Tournoi C de Paris(France)
ROBERT Dominique21-43CLUZON Gilles
BETIN Dominique54-10ROBERT Dominique
OVION Jacques21-43ROBERT Dominique
ROBERT Dominique12-52BUSUTTIL Michel