KIM Kwanyoon (Korea)

15 tournaments
96 results
Player ID: 7581
Rated 5 in Korea and T426 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T502 in the World
Latest rating: 1922
2019-05-05: 28th Korea othello Championship(Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon40-24AHN Taeyoung
LEE Chunae38-26KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon58-06KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Taeyeon36-28KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon47-17KIM Jungsoo
SOHR Jaeyoung31-33KIM Kwanyoon
PARK Jonghyun19-45KIM Kwanyoon
2018-09-01: The 2nd Incheon Open(Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon06-58SUEKUNI Makoto
SOHR Jaeyoung44-20KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon53-11HONG Hyungbum
FU Velma25-39KIM Kwanyoon
ADACHI Shungai23-41KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon42-22AHN Taeyoung
KWON Younghwa44-20KIM Kwanyoon
2018-07-07: 4th MyungIn (Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon63-01KIM Youngbum
SON Jinhyeok26-38KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon40-24HA Seungsup
OH Joungmok48-16KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon53-11AHN Taeyoung
NAM Sungwoo33-31KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon33-31PARK Jonghyun
2018-04-27: 27th Korea Championships(Korea)
KIM Youngbum24-40KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon37-27HA Seungsup
LEE Chunae31-33KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon06-58OH Joungmok
KIM Kwanyoon45-19KIM Taeyeon
SHIN Dongmyung08-56KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon51-13KIM Jungsoo
2018-01-07: 2 King of Kings(Korea)
PARK Jonghyun22-42KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon39-25MOON Sungcheol
KIM Dongkwon36-28KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon54-10SHIN Dongmyung
KIM Kwanyoon34-30KIM Taeyeon
SOHR Jaeyoung31-33KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon51-13NAM Sungwoo
2017-08-26: 1st Incheon open(Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon28-36ASAHINA Satoshi
LEE Chunae27-37KIM Kwanyoon
MOON Sungcheol27-37KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon24-40DONG Zhen
KIM Jungsoo40-24KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon18-46SON Beomkeun
KIM Kwanyoon57-07PARK Jonghyun
2017-06-18: 3st myeongin(Korea)
SEO Youjoon29-35KIM Kwanyoon
HA Seungsup30-34KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon44-20KIM Dongil
KIM Kwanyoon48-16SOHR Jaeyoung
LEE Chunae26-38KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon56-08CHO Wonyong
NAM Sungwoo22-42KIM Kwanyoon
2017-02-19: 1st Korea-Japan match(Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon05-59TAKANASHI Yusuke
KIM Kwanyoon01-63NAKAJIMA Tetsuya
KIM Kwanyoon18-46OKAMOTO Kazuki
KIM Kwanyoon35-29WADA Masaki
KIM Kwanyoon14-50TAKIZAWA Masaki
KIM Kwanyoon15-49SUEKUNI Makoto
KIM Kwanyoon24-40MURAKAMI Takeshi
2017-01-22: 26st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon46-18KIM Donggyu
LIM Jinsuk21-43KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon29-35SON Beomkeun
KIM Dongkwon23-41KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon22-42CHUNG Jihoon
2016-12-18: 1st AR(Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon18-46KIM Younggun
JEON Gyeonghwa17-47KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon23-41SHIN Donghyeon
PARK Jonghyun52-12KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon54-10SHIN Dongmyung
2016-04-24: 2nd Myeong-in(Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon52-12KIM Donggyu
OH Joungmok43-21KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon47-17HA Seungsup
SHIN Dukchul42-22KIM Kwanyoon
LEE Chunae35-29KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon49-15KIM Dongil
2015-10-03: 1st Korea Masters(Korea)
KIM Donggyu13-51KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon24-40SHIN Dukchul
KIM Seongchan22-42KIM Kwanyoon
CHUNG Jihoon47-17KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon32-32HONG Seonguk
KIM Kwanyoon47-17KIM Dongsu
OH Joungmok18-46KIM Kwanyoon
2015-07-26: 24st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
KIM Hyeon Ah30-34KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon36-28KIM Sunghyeon
KIM Kwanyoon35-29CHUNG Jihoon
KIM Jungsoo29-35KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon38-26OH Joungmok
2015-04-19: 23th Korea Othello championship(Korea)
HONG Hyungbum20-44KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon64-00KIM Hyeon Ah
KIM Soo Ah09-55KIM Kwanyoon
CHUNG Jihoon42-22KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoon54-10SHIN Dongmyung
2007-08-26: 2nd Korean Othello Open 2007(Korea)
LEE Taeeunglost toKIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoonwon againstKIM Yeongjae
OH Taeyeongwon againstKIM Kwanyoon
KIM Kwanyoonwon againstSEO Seunghwan
SEO Wooyullost toKIM Kwanyoon
SEO Seunghwanlost toKIM Kwanyoon
LEE Taeeunglost toKIM Kwanyoon