23th Korea Othello championship (Korea)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    4075, CHUNG, Jihoon, KOR,  5, 227
    7581, KIM, Kwanyoon, KOR,  4, 239
   35088, KIM, Donggyu, KOR,  4, 222
   35084, KIM, Dongil, KOR,  4, 206
    7573, HA, Seungsup, KOR,  3, 198
   35099, AHN, Hwimin, KOR,  3, 188
   35073, KO, Junhyoung, KOR,  3, 184
   35089, LEE, Mikael, KOR,  3, 183
   30034, LEE, Sejin, KOR,  3, 175
   35085, KIM, Taehwa, KOR,  3, 151
   35130, SHIN, Dongmyung, KOR,  3, 136
   30009, HONG, Hyungbum, KOR,  2, 179
   35129, KIM, Yerin, KOR,  2, 162
   35078, HWANG, Jinkyung, KOR,  2, 149
   30024, KIM, Gyejin, KOR,  2, 141
   35123, KIM, Soo Ah, KOR,  2, 135
   35086, KIM, Donghyeon, KOR,  2, 129
   35122, KIM, Hyeon Ah, KOR,  2, 117
   35126, PARK, Namho, KOR,  1, 112
   35127, SONG, Sungguen, KOR,  1, 76
   35128, KIM, Daewon, KOR,  1, 56


Here are all results.

2015-04-19: 23th Korea Othello championship(Korea)
LEE Sejin11-53KIM Dongil
KIM Gyejin16-48LEE Mikael
HA Seungsup54-10SHIN Dongmyung
AHN Hwimin64-00KIM Daewon
PARK Namho16-48KIM Taehwa
KO Junhyoung16-48CHUNG Jihoon
KIM Donggyu54-10KIM Donghyeon
KIM Soo Ah37-27KIM Yerin
HONG Hyungbum20-44KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Yerin43-21KIM Gyejin
SHIN Dongmyung48-16PARK Namho
CHUNG Jihoon59-05AHN Hwimin
KIM Taehwa07-57KIM Donggyu
KIM Daewon19-45SONG Sungguen
KIM Dongil33-31HA Seungsup
KIM Kwanyoon64-00KIM Hyeon Ah
LEE Mikael13-51LEE Sejin
KIM Donghyeon34-30HONG Hyungbum
SONG Sungguen05-59KO Junhyoung
KIM Hyeon Ah40-24KIM Dongil
KIM Soo Ah09-55KIM Kwanyoon
LEE Sejin46-18KIM Yerin
KIM Donggyu24-40CHUNG Jihoon
AHN Hwimin39-25LEE Mikael
KIM Gyejin29-35SHIN Dongmyung
KIM Donghyeon23-41KIM Taehwa
HONG Hyungbum64-00KIM Daewon
SHIN Dongmyung33-31KIM Soo Ah
LEE Mikael54-10HONG Hyungbum
KIM Hyeon Ah23-41HA Seungsup
KIM Dongil34-30AHN Hwimin
KIM Yerin49-15SONG Sungguen
CHUNG Jihoon42-22KIM Kwanyoon
KO Junhyoung22-42KIM Donggyu
KIM Taehwa16-48LEE Sejin
KIM Daewon04-60KIM Donghyeon
KIM Yerin25-39KIM Taehwa
LEE Sejin19-45KIM Donggyu
KIM Soo Ah10-54KO Junhyoung
LEE Mikael43-21KIM Hyeon Ah
PARK Namho22-42KIM Gyejin
SONG Sungguen09-55HONG Hyungbum
KIM Kwanyoon54-10SHIN Dongmyung
KIM Donghyeon02-62KIM Dongil
HA Seungsup26-38CHUNG Jihoon