HERNANDEZ Mario (Spain)

3 tournaments
15 results
Player ID: 90010
Rated 7 in Spain and 287 in Europe and 1015 in the World
Latest rating: 433
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee
2023-08-21: Mind Sports Olympiads(Great-Britain)
HERNANDEZ Mario38-26GUECI Riccardo
KWAK Eunwoo45-19HERNANDEZ Mario
HERNANDEZ Mario51-13KUUSK Andres
KONG Peter45-19HERNANDEZ Mario
2019-08-19: MSO Othello(Great-Britain)
LEE Jun-Young20-44HERNANDEZ Mario
HERNANDEZ Mario15-49JANG Chanhee
AN Se-Jun16-48HERNANDEZ Mario
GUECI Riccardo43-21HERNANDEZ Mario
HERNANDEZ Mario28-36RYU Chaewon
2018-08-19: MSO Othello(Great-Britain)
HERNANDEZ Mario45-19LEE Gahyun
LEE Jihyun45-19HERNANDEZ Mario
HERNANDEZ Mario16-48KIM Yi-Hyeon
SON Jueyon52-12HERNANDEZ Mario
HERNANDEZ Mario27-37BONG Jungyun