TOGBA Vanama (Ivory Coast)
4 tournaments
19 results
Rated 3 in Ivory Coast and 1100 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1556 in the World
Latest rating: 347
2016-11-022016-11-04: WOC 2016 (Mito)(World)
SONG Yan64-00TOGBA Vanama
TOGBA Vanama01-63VALLUND Henrik
BARRASS Iain64-00TOGBA Vanama
TOGBA Vanama11-53LEE Mikael
HAGLUND Harri52-12TOGBA Vanama
TOGBA Vanama23-41KOBEHI Guy Herve
CLUZON Gilles64-00TOGBA Vanama
SNEEK Linda50-14TOGBA Vanama
TOGBA Vanama06-58OUREGA Loh Jeannot
BRYANT Alexandra29-35TOGBA Vanama
TOGBA Vanama08-56MURAWSKI Stefan
TOGBA Vanama12-52STOKKE Solrun
2014-07-01: Ivory Coast Nationals(Ivory Coast)
TOGBA Vanama24-40NAMPE Franck
NAMPE Franck50-14TOGBA Vanama
2013-07-01: Ivory Coast 2013(Ivory Coast)
AZIALLO Mrs33-31TOGBA Vanama
TOGBA Vanama35-29AZIALLO Mrs
2012-08-22: Ivory Coast championship(Ivory Coast)
DANON Amoin Rosewon againstTOGBA Vanama
DANON Amoin Rosewon againstTOGBA Vanama