ABREU Dominic (Australia)
2 tournaments
10 results
Rated 6 in Australia and 1101 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1563 in the World
Latest rating: 326

Dominic Abreu is the #6 rated player in Australia and started playing competitively since 2017. He will be playing his first World Othello championship this year, 2019, in Hong Kong!

2018-10-06: Australian Nationals 2018(Australia)
GUIBAL Fab32-32ABREU Dominic
ABREU Dominic64-00ABREU Deb
LI Simon16-48ABREU Dominic
VINAR Matt64-00ABREU Dominic
ABREU Dominic19-45LEFEBVRE Thierry
2017-06-03: Australian Nationals(Australia)
GUIBAL Fab23-41ABREU Dominic
ABREU Dominic16-48VINAR Matt
CAIRNS Phil34-30ABREU Dominic
ABREU Dominic54-10WARWICK Kyle
ABREU Dominic14-50HUGHES Scott