Sapporo_Meeting (Japan)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

   6868, SASAKI, sohei, J, 6.0, 266
   5582, TAKENOBU, kousuke, J, 4.0, 221
  10480, NISHIMURA, tomoaki, J, 3.0, 202
   6947, OKADA, takumi, J, 2.0, 171
  10458, KAJIURA, masoyoshi, J, 2.0, 134
  10499, SHIRAISHI, katsuyoshi, J, 0.0, 94


Here are all results.

2008-08-17: Sapporo_Meeting(Japan)
KAJIURA Masoyoshi36-28SHIRAISHI Katsuyoshi
SASAKI Sohei44-20NISHIMURA Tomoaki
TAKENOBU Kosuke46-18OKADA Takumi
SASAKI Sohei42-22OKADA Takumi
NISHIMURA Tomoaki44-20KAJIURA Masoyoshi
TAKENOBU Kosuke53-11SHIRAISHI Katsuyoshi
OKADA Takumi38-26SHIRAISHI Katsuyoshi
SASAKI Sohei54-10KAJIURA Masoyoshi
KAJIURA Masoyoshi36-28OKADA Takumi
SASAKI Sohei42-22TAKENOBU Kosuke
NISHIMURA Tomoaki52-12SHIRAISHI Katsuyoshi
OKADA Takumi38-26NISHIMURA Tomoaki
SASAKI Sohei47-17SHIRAISHI Katsuyoshi
TAKENOBU Kosuke52-12KAJIURA Masoyoshi
SASAKI Sohei37-27OKADA Takumi
NISHIMURA Tomoaki44-20KAJIURA Masoyoshi