39_Three_River_A (Japan)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

   6841, YOSHIDA, toshiaki, J, 6.0, 287
   5526, UNO, toshihiro, J, 5.0, 263
   10919, TAKIKAWA, akarui, J, 4.0, 253
  10391, TAKANO, satoshi, J, 4.0, 222
  10625, SHIMIZU, naoki, J, 3.0, 229
   7071, INAGAKI, shinobu, J, 3.0, 183
   5676, TSUKAMOTO, hiroaki, J, 2.0, 176
   5677, MIYASATO, shiyoko, J, 1.0, 179


Here are all results.

2008-12-20: 39_Three_River_A(Japan)
UNO Toshihiro42-22MIYASATO Shiyoko
TAKANO Satoshi43-21INAGAKI Shinobu
SHIMIZU Naoki39-25YOSHIDA Yoshiaki
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki40-24TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
UNO Toshihiro42-22INAGAKI Shinobu
YOSHIDA Yoshiaki53-11MIYASATO Shiyoko
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki45-19SHIMIZU Naoki
TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki34-30TAKANO Satoshi
UNO Toshihiro46-18TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
YOSHIDA Yoshiaki55-09INAGAKI Shinobu
TAKANO Satoshi35-29SHIMIZU Naoki
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki54-10MIYASATO Shiyoko
INAGAKI Shinobu44-20TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
UNO Toshihiro36-28SHIMIZU Naoki
YOSHIDA Yoshiaki42-22TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
TAKANO Satoshi33-31MIYASATO Shiyoko
YOSHIDA Yoshiaki37-27TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
MIYASATO Shiyoko46-18TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
TAKANO Satoshi41-23UNO Toshihiro
SHIMIZU Naoki52-12INAGAKI Shinobu
INAGAKI Shinobu36-28MIYASATO Shiyoko
UNO Toshihiro46-18TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
YOSHIDA Yoshiaki39-25TAKANO Satoshi
INAGAKI Shinobu39-25TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
YOSHIDA Yoshiaki36-28UNO Toshihiro
SHIMIZU Naoki33-31MIYASATO Shiyoko
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki49-15TAKANO Satoshi