CI Assoluti B - Milano (Italy)
2009-09-26 → 2009-09-27

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  40002, ILACQUA, Gianluca
 +40006, CHIARULLI, Giuseppe,     {I}
   2933, PRIVITERA, Francesco
   3061, DE LEO, Maurizio
 +40007, ZHONG, Victor,     {I}
 +40008, VANZINI, Paolo,     {I}
   2830, FANELLO, Roberto
   2996, DELLABIANCA, Giovanni
 +40009, PIROVANO, Domenico,     {I}
 +40010, ANGELONI, Giancarlo,     {I}
   3045, ACCIARO, Giuseppe


Here are all results.

2009-09-262009-09-27: CI Assoluti B - Milano(Italy)
ILACQUA Gianluca36-28ACCIARO Giuseppe
ANGELONI Giancarlo21-43DE LEO Maurizio
DELLABIANCA Giovanni47-17PIROVANO Domenico
VANZINI Paolo29-35FANELLO Roberto
PRIVITERA Francesco51-13ZHONG Victor
FANELLO Roberto50-14ILACQUA Gianluca
DE LEO Maurizio46-18DELLABIANCA Giovanni
ACCIARO Giuseppe27-37PRIVITERA Francesco
ZHONG Victor51-13ANGELONI Giancarlo
PIROVANO Domenico00-64VANZINI Paolo
PRIVITERA Francesco51-13DE LEO Maurizio
DELLABIANCA Giovanni21-43FANELLO Roberto
VANZINI Paolo33-31ZHONG Victor
ILACQUA Gianluca55-09PIROVANO Domenico
ANGELONI Giancarlo31-33CHIARULLI Giuseppe
FANELLO Roberto26-38PRIVITERA Francesco
DE LEO Maurizio13-51VANZINI Paolo
ZHONG Victor19-45ILACQUA Gianluca
ACCIARO Giuseppe34-30ANGELONI Giancarlo
PRIVITERA Francesco24-40VANZINI Paolo
ILACQUA Gianluca37-27CHIARULLI Giuseppe
ANGELONI Giancarlo17-47FANELLO Roberto
DE LEO Maurizio55-09ACCIARO Giuseppe
DELLABIANCA Giovanni44-20ZHONG Victor
VANZINI Paolo23-41ILACQUA Gianluca
FANELLO Roberto39-25ZHONG Victor
ANGELONI Giancarlo4-60PRIVITERA Francesco
ACCIARO Giuseppe13-51DELLABIANCA Giovanni
CHIARULLI Giuseppe20-44DE LEO Maurizio
ILACQUA Gianluca50-14PRIVITERA Francesco
DE LEO Maurizio33-31FANELLO Roberto
VANZINI Paolo39-25ACCIARO Giuseppe
DELLABIANCA Giovanni62-02ANGELONI Giancarlo
ZHONG Victor38-26CHIARULLI Giuseppe
ILACQUA Gianlucawon againstPRIVITERA Francesco
ILACQUA Gianlucalost toPRIVITERA Francesco
ILACQUA Gianlucawon againstPRIVITERA Francesco
FANELLO Robertowon againstVANZINI Paolo
FANELLO Robertolost toVANZINI Paolo
FANELLO Robertowon againstVANZINI Paolo
FANELLO Robertowon againstILACQUA Gianluca
FANELLO Robertowon againstILACQUA Gianluca
VANZINI Paolowon againstPRIVITERA Francesco