Taiwan Othello Championship 2016 (Taiwan)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

 +420000, Chunyi, Chang, TWN,  7, 345, 0
 +420001, Enoch, Wang, TWN,  6, 290, 0
 +420009, Shih-Han, Huang, TWN,  4.5, 253, 0
 +420010, Zeng Ji, Zen, TWN,  4.5, 224, 0
 +420005, Emily, Cheng, TWN,  4, 217, 0
 +420007, Yiwen, Yang, TWN,  3, 227, 0
 +420008, Ricky, Yang, TWN,  3, 221, 0
 +420006, Kazeho, Liao, TWN,  3, 196, 0
 +420002, Frank, Hong, TWN,  3, 178, 0
 +420004, Chiron, Weng, TWN,  2, 198, 0
 +420003, Rose, Huang, TWN,  2, 171, 0


Here are all results.

2016-02-24: Taiwan Othello Championship 2016(Taiwan)
ZENG Ji Zen39-25WENG Chiron
HUANG Rose07-57CHANG Chun Yi
YANG Ricky21-43HUANG Shih-Han
CHENG Emily40-24YANG Yiwen
HONG Frank36-28LIAO Kazeho
HUANG Shih-Han32-32ZENG Ji Zen
WANG Enoch46-18HONG Frank
CHANG Chun Yi42-22CHENG Emily
YANG Yiwen37-27HUANG Rose
LIAO Kazeho33-31YANG Ricky
CHANG Chun Yi39-25WANG Enoch
ZENG Ji Zen36-28LIAO Kazeho
WENG Chiron21-43HUANG Shih-Han
HONG Frank34-30YANG Yiwen
YANG Ricky29-35CHENG Emily
LIAO Kazeho35-29HUANG Rose
WANG Enoch47-17ZENG Ji Zen
CHENG Emily37-27HONG Frank
YANG Yiwen26-38WENG Chiron
HUANG Shih-Han11-53CHANG Chun Yi
HUANG Rose20-44YANG Ricky
CHENG Emily16-48WANG Enoch
ZENG Ji Zen23-41CHANG Chun Yi
HONG Frank17-47HUANG Shih-Han
WENG Chiron17-47LIAO Kazeho
YANG Ricky18-46YANG Yiwen
ZENG Ji Zen37-27CHENG Emily
CHANG Chun Yi55-09LIAO Kazeho
HUANG Shih-Han28-36WANG Enoch
HUANG Rose33-31WENG Chiron
YANG Yiwen24-40ZENG Ji Zen
CHANG Chun Yi58-06HONG Frank
HUANG Shih-Han49-15HUANG Rose
WENG Chiron26-38YANG Ricky
LIAO Kazeho16-48WANG Enoch
CHANG Chun Yi39-25WANG Enoch
WANG Enoch22-42CHANG Chun Yi