3 King of Kings (Korea)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    4074, OH, Joung-Mok, KOR,  7, 302, 2247
   30499, KIM, Youngbum, KOR,  6, 303, 1720
   30503, JANG, Hyunwoo, KOR,  5, 265, 0
   30037, KIM, Jungsoo, KOR,  4, 262, 1672
   30414, KIM, Taeyeon, KOR,  4, 246, 1747
   30501, AHN, Taeyoung, KOR,  3, 231, 1582
   30403, PARK, Jonghyun, KOR,  3, 206, 1420
   30009, HONG, Hyungbum, KOR,  2, 161, 1424
   30000, LEE, Geuncheol, KOR,  1, 96, 1237


Here are all results.

2019-01-06: 3 King of Kings(Korea)
HONG Hyungbum12-52KIM Youngbum
AHN Taeyoung27-37KIM Jungsoo
JANG Hyunwoo14-50OH Joungmok
LEE Geuncheol08-56KIM Taeyeon
KIM Jungsoo22-42JANG Hyunwoo
LEE Geuncheol23-41HONG Hyungbum
KIM Youngbum41-23KIM Taeyeon
OH Joungmok46-18PARK Jonghyun
HONG Hyungbum14-50AHN Taeyoung
OH Joungmok37-27KIM Youngbum
PARK Jonghyun22-42JANG Hyunwoo
KIM Taeyeon39-25KIM Jungsoo
KIM Taeyeon14-50OH Joungmok
KIM Jungsoo64-00LEE Geuncheol
KIM Youngbum50-14PARK Jonghyun
JANG Hyunwoo45-19AHN Taeyoung
JANG Hyunwoo24-40KIM Youngbum
OH Joungmok49-15HONG Hyungbum
AHN Taeyoung41-23KIM Taeyeon
PARK Jonghyun56-08LEE Geuncheol
KIM Jungsoo28-36OH Joungmok
LEE Geuncheol06-58JANG Hyunwoo
KIM Youngbum40-24AHN Taeyoung
HONG Hyungbum26-38PARK Jonghyun
KIM Youngbum53-11LEE Geuncheol
KIM Taeyeon51-13HONG Hyungbum
PARK Jonghyun18-46KIM Jungsoo
AHN Taeyoung30-34OH Joungmok