Ivory Coast WOC Qualification (Ivory Coast)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  410008, OUREGA, Gallo Irene, CIV,  7, 311, 966
  410000, OUREGA, Loh Jeannot, CIV,  7, 338, 755
  410039, AKRE, Gabriel, CIV,  6, 262, 0
  410012, OUREGA, Zirimba A.F., CIV,  6, 253, 0
 +410066, BADJO, Hortense, CIV,  6, 278, 0
 +410062, BEUGRE, Aya Joadane, CIV,  5, 227, 0
  410022, TOGBA, Cherif, CIV,  4, 240, 0
 +410069, NAPIE, Franck, CIV,  4, 199, 0
 +410071, AKOUN, Benjamin, CIV,  3, 191, 0
 +410063, YAO, Atta Jonas, CIV,  2, 193, 0
 +410065, CHERIF, Moussoura, CIV,  2, 180, 0
 +410067, COULIBALY, Esgrace, CIV,  1, 174, 0
 +410068, KOKO, Daniel, CIV,  1, 206, 0
  410010, DIOMANDE, Massia, CIV,  1, 184, 0
 +410055, KELLY, Catherine Sara, CIV,  1, 194, 0
 +410064, AKOUN Paul, Cedric, CIV,  0, 154, 0


Here are all results.

2019-04-27: Ivory Coast WOC Qualification(Ivory Coast)
KELLY Catherine Sara28-36BEUGRE Aya Joadane
YAO Atta Jonas39-25AKOUN PAUL Cedric
CHERIF Moussoura40-24DIOMANDE Massia
BADJO Hortense39-25COULIBALY Esgrace
OUREGA Zirimba A33-31KOKO Daniel
NAPIE Franck10-54OUREGA Gallo Irene
OUREGA Loh Jeannot60-04AKOUN Benjamin
BEUGRE Aya Joadane28-36OUREGA Loh Jeannot
YAO Atta Jonas40-24CHERIF Moussoura
COULIBALY Esgrace39-25KELLY Catherine Sara
OUREGA Gallo Irene33-31BADJO Hortense
TOGBA Cherif31-33OUREGA Zirimba A
AKOUN Benjamin25-39NAPIE Franck
NAPIE Franck37-27YAO Atta Jonas
CHERIF Moussoura39-25AKOUN Benjamin
BADJO Hortense41-23DIOMANDE Massia
OUREGA Zirimba A43-21BEUGRE Aya Joadane
OUREGA Loh Jeannot44-20COULIBALY Esgrace
KOKO Daniel31-33TOGBA Cherif
AKOUN PAUL Cedric10-54OUREGA Gallo Irene
OUREGA Gallo Irene36-28KELLY Catherine Sara
CHERIF Moussoura29-35TOGBA Cherif
OUREGA Loh Jeannot50-14YAO Atta Jonas
KOKO Daniel30-34BADJO Hortense
BEUGRE Aya Joadane35-29COULIBALY Esgrace
AKOUN PAUL Cedric27-37AKOUN Benjamin
DIOMANDE Massia30-34NAPIE Franck
DIOMANDE Massia28-36BEUGRE Aya Joadane
OUREGA Zirimba A39-25YAO Atta Jonas
AKOUN Benjamin42-22KELLY Catherine Sara
CHERIF Moussoura11-53OUREGA Loh Jeannot
BADJO Hortense50-14COULIBALY Esgrace
KOKO Daniel35-29AKOUN PAUL Cedric
TOGBA Cherif50-14NAPIE Franck
NAPIE Franck28-36BEUGRE Aya Joadane
OUREGA Gallo Irene39-25TOGBA Cherif
AKOUN PAUL Cedric21-43BADJO Hortense
KELLY Catherine Sara35-29KOKO Daniel
CHERIF Moussoura13-51OUREGA Loh Jeannot
AKOUN Benjamin34-30YAO Atta Jonas
COULIBALY Esgrace30-34OUREGA Zirimba A
YAO Atta Jonas18-46OUREGA Gallo Irene
OUREGA Zirimba A40-24CHERIF Moussoura
BADJO Hortense40-24AKOUN Benjamin
TOGBA Cherif47-17COULIBALY Esgrace
KELLY Catherine Sara27-37NAPIE Franck
KOKO Daniel29-35BEUGRE Aya Joadane
DIOMANDE Massia20-44OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Gallo Irene40-24DIOMANDE Massia
BADJO Hortense39-25CHERIF Moussoura
DIOMANDE Massia27-37OUREGA Gallo Irene
CHERIF Moussoura31-33BADJO Hortense
TOGBA Cherif25-39OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot50-14TOGBA Cherif
OUREGA Gallo Irene36-28BADJO Hortense
BADJO Hortense30-34OUREGA Gallo Irene