28th Singapore Open (Singapore)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  250001, KOH, Bo Xiang, SGP,  7, 302, 2097
  250003, KOH, Bo Chao Alex, SGP,  6, 303, 2218
  250006, LEONG, Chee Kit, SGP,  4.5, 243, 2014
  250280, MUHAMMAD, Abduh, SGP,  4, 240, 1525
  250174, KURNIAWAN, Samuel Henry, SGP,  4, 200, 1732
  250147, SIA, Cheng Yong, SGP,  3.5, 277, 1917
  250283, TAY YI, An, SGP,  3, 198, 0
  250152, CHU, Chee Chin, SGP,  3, 216, 1256
 +250286, HO, Yi Kit Randall, SGP,  3, 223, 0
 +250285, TAM, Jia Jun Thomas, SGP,  3, 192, 0
 +250287, LOH, Ying Jhia, SGP,  1, 126, 0


Here are all results.

2020-02-16: 28th Singapore Open(Singapore)
TAM Jia Jun Thomas21-43TAY YI An
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry21-43LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Xiang36-28SIA Cheng Yong
CHU Chee Chin22-42MUHAMMAD Abduh
MUHAMMAD Abduh15-49KOH Bo Chao Alex
SIA Cheng Yong31-33KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
LOH Ying Jhia14-50TAM Jia Jun Thomas
TAY YI An25-39KOH Bo Xiang
KOH Bo Chao Alex42-22TAY YI An
KOH Bo Xiang39-25LEONG Chee Kit
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry43-21MUHAMMAD Abduh
TAM Jia Jun Thomas35-29CHU Chee Chin
KOH Bo Chao Alex24-40KOH Bo Xiang
LEONG Chee Kit46-18TAM Jia Jun Thomas
CHU Chee Chin21-43KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
SIA Cheng Yong62-02LOH Ying Jhia
TAM Jia Jun Thomas06-58SIA Cheng Yong
LEONG Chee Kit17-47KOH Bo Chao Alex
LOH Ying Jhia15-49CHU Chee Chin
KOH Bo Xiang49-15KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
LOH Ying Jhia30-34TAY YI An
SIA Cheng Yong32-32LEONG Chee Kit
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry05-59KOH Bo Chao Alex
MUHAMMAD Abduh08-56KOH Bo Xiang
MUHAMMAD Abduh63-01LOH Ying Jhia
KOH Bo Xiang43-21CHU Chee Chin
TAY YI An28-36LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex42-22SIA Cheng Yong