European Tournaments

3rd European Othello Championship

Welcome to Belgium!

Event by WOF European Othello Confederation and the Belgian Othello Association 

Hoogstraat 30, 9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium

11th to 12th May, 2024

Oudenaarde, Belgium

The tournament will be played over 11 rounds (7 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday), with finals for the top 4 in several categories. We expect players in each of the six rating categories, ranging from absolute beginner to Othello master. The European Championships in Rome and Helsinki had more than 50 players, we're aiming for at least the same! The tournament is restricted to European players and European residents.

Interested in discovering Oudenaarde? You can already check the website below.

- The tournament is in the city center, right next to town hall
- There is a direct train from Brussels National Airport to Oudenaarde (1h14min)
- Oudenaarde has 1300+ free parking spots within 1.5k of the city center

More information will be added in the coming months.

Any questions? Please contact the tournament organisation.

Kind regards,
Tom Schotte (tournament director)

Registered players

Registered 38
Div I 13
Div II 5
Div III 5
Div IV 4
Div V 2
Debutants 0
Youth* 5
60+ 4
Female 8
* A player qualifies as “Youth” if he/she is aged 14 or less on the 31st of December 2024 (i.e. : he/she must be born later than the 31st of December 2010)

Tournament Director EOC 2024
Tom Schotte

Saturday 11th May April & Sunday 12th May

Gold_50.png The European Othello Champion 
328.png The EOC Runner-up to 4th place - Trophies & Gifts
Bronze_50.png EOC Category Winners 
- Trophies and Medals


Prize categories

    • This information may be changed!
    • EOC - top 4
    • Div. I - WOF rating 1600 - 1899 - top 3
    • Div. II - WOF rating 1300 - 1599  - top 3
    • Div III - WOF rating 1000 - 1299  - top 3
    • Div IV - WOF rating 500 - 999 - top 3
    • DIV V - WOF rating <500 - top 3
    • Youth Champions  - top 3
    • Women Champions -  top 3
    • Players +60 Champions - top 3
    • Debutants - The best 3 new players
      Each category, except debutants, must have at least 5 players to be a prize category.
    • Dinner on Saturday will be at (restaurant part of local brewery). Other evenings (Friday, Sunday) still to be decided
    • Players need to pay for the dinner, not included in the entry fee

3RD European Othello Championship 2024

# Name Federation Rating Class  
  Alessandro Di Mattei Italy 2243 EOC  
  Matthias Berg Switzerland 2189 EOC  
  Roberto Sperandio Italy 2118 EOC  
  Roel Hobo The Netherlands 2029 EOC  
  Jan de Graaf The Netherlands 2017 EOC  
  Marc Tastet France 1984 EOC 60
  Paolo Scognamiglio Italy 1979 EOC  
  Tom Schotte Belgium 1952 EOC  
  Marc Bertrandias The Netherlands 1928 EOC  
  Carlo Affatigato Spain 1802 DIV I  
  George Ortiz Italy 1798 DIV I  
  Daniel Dufour The Netherlands 1781 DIV I Youth
  Mark Dufour The Netherlands 1747 DIV I  
  Elisabetta Vecchi Italy 1743 DIV I Female
  Nick Reunes Belgium 1733 DIV I  
  Bintsa Andriani France 1726 DIV I 60
  Benkt Steentoft Sweden 1699 DIV I  
  Alexander Boe Norway 1686 DIV I  
  Ralph Reijnders Belgium 1682 DIV I  
  Jan Zemelka Sweden 1636 DIV I  
  Leonid Shifman Israel 1610 DIV I 60
  Severino Di Cola Italy 1607 DIV I  
  Brecht Van Damme Belgium 1494 DIV II  
  Wouter Thijs Belgium 1466 DIV II  
  Erik Johansson Sweden 1426 DIV II  
  Maria Serena Vecchi Italy 1336 DIV II Female
  Chiara Gigliucci Italy 1331 DIV II Female
  Nancy Darck Belgium 1280 DIV III Female
  Paolo Barsotti Italy 1243 DIV III  
  Nadja De Moor Belgium 1222 DIV III Female
  Alessandro Ortiz Italy 1040 DIV III  
  Haifang Ni The Netherlands 1028 DIV III Female
  Bart Verstuyft Belgium 830 DIV IV  
  Noa Dufour The Netherlands 826 DIV IV Youth/Female
  Jana Verstuyft Belgium 724 DIV IV Youth/Female
  Dimitri Burnay Belgium 588 DIV IV  
  Wout Schotte Belgium 463 DIV V Youth
  Sander Schotte Belgium 111 DIV V Youth